On Becoming a Socialist Rathole by 2016

Immigrant Workshop in Tennessee

Politico reported that the Obama administration is moving aggressively to push the 9 to 13 million legal residents to become citizens and register to vote in time for the 2016 election.

Of those eligible residents, more than 80% are likely Democratic voters, with 60% Hispanic and 20% Asian. More than a third are Mexican.

The left wing refugee and immigration groups and immigration lawyers and public defenders are out in force and don’t underestimate their effectiveness.

This is really a voter registration drive and the left is telling the newbies how to vote.

We all want the residents to become citizens if they are good Americans but what’s happening is leftists funded with our tax dollars are swaying their opinions.

Many legal residents haven’t applied for citizenship because they are too poor to pay the fee but they will get help with that. The Resurrection Project and Second Federal Credit Union (SFCU) are launching a new loan application program in efforts to help remove the economic barriers for people who wish to gain citizenship status.

LaRaza is behind much of this.

A good representative example of their success rate can be seen in Tennessee where 114,000 new immigrants have already become naturalized and are eligible to vote.

The residents know the goal is to get out and vote for the Democrats. The citizenship clinics being run, especially in red states, are helping 50 to 200 at a clip.

The Tennesean interviewed several in a class of fifty Saturday and one woman, a legal resident, said they want to become a citizen to pick a leader who “will care about immigrants and a better future.” She said it in Spanish because, as is the case of many who are becoming citizens, they don’t necessarily speak English.

Democrats have successfully conflated illegal and legal immigrants – for these groups at least. Many in both categories are poor and they want and need more benefits.

The legal residents seeking citizenship will tell you the goal is to get out and vote to increase their political power. They have had a big impact on the Nashville mayoral election according to the Tennessean.

Their goal is to organize and take control of the elections. “It’s about removing barriers,” said one coalition activist at the Tennessee workshop.

We’ve seen how that has worked out in California.

Republicans have 16 candidates in the race but they might not have a chance. The very corrupt Hillary could be the next president thanks to Obama’s many extraordinary measures, not because she has earned it.

We might not be a socialist country by 2016 but the die will have been cast.



  1. Obummer will rot in hell for attempting to ruin this country. Never in my life would I expect such a despicable attempt to flush tjsh country down the toilet. Horrible

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