“Silly Season”: One Section of Melania Trump’s Speech Mimicked Michelle Obama’s Common Everyday Thoughts


Melania’s speech writers might have included one section taken from Michelle Obama’s 2008 DNC speech. Melania said she wrote the speech with as little help as possible though the media is claiming she said she wrote it herself. That’s not what she said.

She clearly said in an interview with Matt Lauer that she wanted to write it “with as little help as possible.”

This is the section where she seems to have had help. Thank God no one died like in BENGHAZI!

section in question

They are common thoughts that never did seem applicable to Michelle who was raised to be a leftist, and a bitter one at that. I remember that speech and thought sure, she and Barack were raised with similar values – Marxist values.

Melania deserved better treatment than she is getting today. She’s not a thief. A speech writer let her down. She’s a candidate’s wife doing the best she can but she had a sloppy speech writer.

My word is my bond is a common expression listed in the Cambridge dictionary and it’s a biblical expression.

This is what Obama said about plagiarism in 2008 – it’s silly season:

Time to blame the speech writers and move on. There was a lot more to her speech and much of it was what she said before in interviews and this is petty.

In a March interview with Greta Van Susteran, Melania stressed values and the time she dedicates to her young son Barron so that he grows up with “morals and values”. She said she wants “to raise him the right way”. She continued to tell Greta that “she’s tough but fair” and tries to “give him values and morals”. She talked about her parents raising her with these good solid values. She is very generous with her time and money for children’s charities. She talked of Donald dreaming big. She talked of her pride in being an American last night and in the March interview and at other times. The thoughts are consistent with the speech.

Campaign Director Paul Manafort said the words Melania used were not “cribbed” but are common words. “To think that she would do something like that knowing how scrutinized her speech was going to be last night is just really absurd,” Trump’s campaign chairman Paul Manafort told CNN’s Chris Cuomo on “New Day.”

That might get some Pinocchio’s.

Radio personality Bill Mitchell tweeted “Too bad Melania didn’t speak about spending tens of millions in taxpayer dollars on vacations. Now THAT would have been plagiarism.”

Some hacks are claiming this is worse than what Biden and Obama did when they plagiarized even though they were running for president.

Joe Biden literally plagiarized an entire speech when he was running for president and admitted to it. He was almost kicked out of college for the same thing.

According to The New York Times, Biden admitted he had plagiarized a law review article for a “paper he wrote in his first year at law school.” The Times said Biden had called the plagiarism a “mistake,” Heavy reported.

According to Plagiarism Today, Obama was running against Hillary Clinton in the primary when he gave a speech in Wisconsin that “quoted a series of well-known speeches and documents from U.S. history, including those by Martin Luther King Jr, John F. Kennedy as well as the Declaration of Independence and asked if they were ‘Just Words,” according to Heavy.

As in the Melania speech, it didn’t take long for someone to unearth a YouTube speech of a 2006 talk given by Deval Patrick, the governor of Massachusetts who plagiarized Obama. Says Plagiarism Today, “In Patrick’s speech, he used many of the same quotes as well as very similar phrasing.” Obama said he shared ideas with Patrick, who defended him after the allegations were made, said Plagiarism Today.