Our Democrat Candidate for President Isn’t Eligible for Security Clearance


The State Department wouldn’t say if Hillary Clinton or her aides still have security clearance.

Despite overwhelming evidence, Hillary Clinton has been exonerated. As Jim Comey’s former boss, America’s mayor Rudy Giuliani is very disappointed. She was guilty, period. According to Rudy, Comey found she violated the Federal statute and Comey put her – the Clintons – above the law. You can agree with his conclusion or not, but you can’t say she is innocent and didn’t lie about it repeatedly.

Rudy said “extremely careless with highly and sensitive classified information” is the same as “gross negligence.”

Many believe Comey went for the Roberts’s approach. He laid out her guilt and her lies but didn’t pull the trigger. He left it up to us to decide in November.


The way prosecutors prove intent is by actions taken, Rudy said. There was ample guilty knowledge. There was so much circumstantial evidence and Comey proved it, Rudy continued.

During his remarks, Comey criticized Clinton for being “extremely careless” with classified information in her emails.

Giuliani said that there is no difference between someone being “extremely careless” and showing “gross negligence”

“I think that’s why he walked out [without taking questions]. There’s no way to square the two things,” said Giuliani, arguing that Clinton cannot pass an FBI background check to gain top security clearance.

“If you took his report and made it an FBI background check, she couldn’t get any kind of sensitive job in the government,” he explained.

Giuliani argued that a prosecutor never proves intent using direct evidence, but rather through “circumstantial evidence,” which is overwhelming in this case.

“Here’s the biggest piece of the circumstantial evidence: the destruction of the 34,000 emails,” he said, adding that a prosecutor could have instructed a jury that deleting the emails “infers guilty knowledge.”

“This is the special exception for the Clintons.”

Giuliani pushed back on Comey’s assertion that any reasonable prosecutor would not bring charges in this case.

“I don’t have any doubt I can win this case in front of a jury. … It is so discouraging to someone who loves the Justice Department to see a decision like this,” he said.

I’d like to suggest that every person convicted of these types of charges but had no intent should have their cases reopened.



  1. killary,bill,the obama’s and all they’re cronies should be kicked out of the WHITE HOUSE and forced to live on the streets and eat out of the garbage dumpsters like some of our Veteran’s have to do.
    She is guilty as hell and everyone knows it. The guy that said she was innocent is a complete idiot moran.

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