Miriam Carey Killed Wielding a Weapon – a Nissan Infiniti


Miriam Carey

Photo of Miriam Carey and her car

The media and the police chief got in front of the story about the DC driver, Miriam Carey, saying her car was a deadly weapon and the police were very brave to pursue her even though they are not being paid.

When did it become brave to shoot someone because you aren’t getting paid? If the police are so essential, and  I they are, why aren’t they getting paid? That’s for another post however.

The police had 34-year old Miriam Carey cornered twice and didn’t shoot out her tires or shoot her in the arm. The first time she was cornered, they let her go and the second time, they shot her to death, after multiple calls for her to get out of her car. I’d like to see video of the final scene.

I don’t want to be too hard on the DC police BUT police don’t usually go at a suspect with guns blazing. Did they have to in this case?

Usually when police hem in a car, even if it’s a serial killer, they don’t blow the person away, they go up to the car and get the person out one way or the other.

In New York, the cops are lunged at with knives and people want the cops hung if they shoot the attacker.

Congress was panicked we are told. Sure they were! They were panicked by all the shooting which only came from the DC police.

The police chief, a woman, was probably concerned about how the incident would be perceived. She said Carey used a deadly weapon – a deadly Infiniti weapon. It wasn’t so deadly when it was sitting there. One or more cops shot her 10 to 12 times according to some reports.

In fairness, Carey hit an officer who sustained minor injuries and she was speeding, putting many people in danger.

On the other hand, maybe DC cops need to get out more. They need to spend some time on the Southside of Chicago.

Where’s Al Sharpton? Police just shot an unarmed mentally-ill black woman, a dental hygienist, with a baby.

I am almost always 100% with the police but this needs to be looked into a bit more. I’m simply saying there might be another side to this.

We don’t know what happened at the end. Why hasn’t the media come up with someone who saw what happened at the end? The media always does this. They like to take a side and ignore the facts so I want to present a different perspective here.

Even today, they were reporting she didn’t pay her bills, meanwhile, her lawyer said she had a disagreement with management about the fees on her condo and he settled it for her.

The standing ovation in Congress might have been a little premature.