White House Takes Out Two Democrat Critics of its Insane Iran Deal in One Week: Hillary and Menendez

Remember That GOP Autopsy? Did You Know They Were Serious?

Outrageous..."Country Within a Country" Groups Want Thanksgiving Replaced With Immigrants Day

Obama Says We May Never Know What Happened in Ferguson

Outrageous…”Country Within a Country” Groups Want Thanksgiving Replaced With Immigrants Day

no borders

Susan Payne is the talk show co-host in Maryland who broke the news that the White House and open borders activists discussed creating a country within a country with illegal immigrants during three conference calls. The calls included 16 White House officials and representatives from open borders groups around the country. She interviewed with Joe Miller…

Obama Says We May Never Know What Happened in Ferguson

Obama nd Holder

President Obama had no apologies for the DOJ’s attacks on Officer Darren Wilson before any facts were known. He made it worse, saying, we may never know what happened, casting more suspicion on the already victimized former police officer. “The finding that was made [by the Department of Justice] was that it was not unreasonable to…

Communist Prom in Alberquerque

communist party

Seniors at Cottonwood Classical Preparatory School in Alberquerque voted for a communist-themed prom which they are calling Prom-unism. Some think it’s funny and for others it aligns with their politics. Still quite a few others thought it inappropriate. It’s still not a done deal. Let’s hope someone explains the horrors people lived under during communism…

Iran Serves As U.S. Ground Troops in Iraq

Iran in Iraq

Mr. Obama has set up a unique way of fighting wars. To fight ISIS, he has turned the ground war over to Iran. In fact, he has given Iraq to Iran after so many of our men and women gave their lives, their health, their mental well-being to free the people of Iraq. Our president…

Officer Wilson’s Government Notice

Officer Wilson

Yesterday, AG Eric Holder could barely bring himself to say that Officer Darren Wilson was a victim of attempted murder and used reasonable force. Michael Brown never had his hands up. “Hands up, don’t shoot” was always a pitiful attempt to push an ideology. Nothing was said about all that Officer Wilson suffered. There were no…

If You Think Defaming Islam Deserves Death, You Might Get a Job in the Federal Pen as a Mentor


The Daily Caller reported that former imam Fouad ElBayly, who once said Hirsi Ali earned a sentence of death for defaming Islam, is now a paid government contractor who will teach and role model for Muslim criminals at Cumberland Federal Correctional Institution in Cumberland, Md. He has two contracts to teach and to provide “leadership and guidance.” To have…