'Moderate' Syrian Rebels 'Closely Coordinate with Extremist Groups' to Win

Déjà Vu All Over Again: Will Democrats Order Banks to Recreate the Mortgage Crisis?

Astorino Gets Standing “O” in Black/Hispanic Churches

Biden Sorry He Talked about Greedy, Dishonest Shylocks in Banking

CNN Gets Hoisted on Their Own Petard

party of no

Sometimes left-wing media outlets get a taste of their own medicine and CNN’s recent loss is a case in point. CNN is being forced – after 11 years of fighting it – to rehire or compensate about 100 former workers and 200 without a contract thanks to the Obama-union controlled National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). The…

Obama Puts Boots on the Ground in Liberia


Update: Charles Krauthammer in an appearance on the O’Reilly Factor Tuesday night said it was a good idea because we are always the ones who send our military in to help people. I don’t agree because I think the outbreak is trumped up by the media or administration but Charles’ opinion deserves consideration.  Mr. Obama won’t put boots on…

Democrats Lied About Obamacare Not Covering Abortion

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The Democrats refused to attach the Stupak Amendment to Obamcare because they were lying to us just as they lied about our keeping our doctors and our healthcare plan. The lawless administration, in violation of the Hyde Amendment and Obama’s written promise (Stupak Amendment), is allowing insurers to cover abortions on demand as each state…

Texas Sheriff Warned ISIS Is on the Border

Sheriff Gary Painter

Texas Sheriff Gary Painter said law enforcement in Texas is on high alert because they have been warned that ISIS is possibly active in Juarez, poised to come across. The border, he said, is wide open. We know that Muslims have been smuggled across the border, he added. He had a message for ISIS: “Show your…

New York Amnesty Bill Poised to Pass If Senate Turns Democratic


The New York Post reported today that New York will give illegal immigrants many of the same rights as citizens if the Senate turns Democrat. New York State has a bill in the hopper nicknamed “New York is Home.” It is an amnesty bill for about 3 million illegal immigrants living here. It would prevent police from…

Government Agencies Are Being Used to Forward a Far-Left Agenda

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New emails uncovered today and a Sharyl Attkisson exposé have revealed what should have been obvious for years. Our government is using agencies to obfuscate, cover up, and to circumvent the law of the land. It’s blatantly un-American. There is a whistleblower who claims Hillary’s staff sifted through Benghazi documents and pulled out those they found…

Wahhabi Cleric Explains How to Enjoy Beheading

evil cleric

ISIS follows Wahhabism except the part about following the king of Saudi Arabia as the one true monarch which is the reason I am posting this video clip. We need to understand the enemy. Be forewarned, the following video is a Wahhabi cleric explaining how to behead a person – it’s beyond horrifying. He tells…