Here's the Real, Full Story Behind 'Pocahontas' Elizabeth Warren

Brian Williams Says US Used Nukes in 'Anger'

Koch Brothers' Group Target Phony Fiscal Conservative Lawmaker

Florida Professor Says Cutting Off Hands Is Okay, Sharia Is Practiced in US

Here’s the Real, Full Story Behind ‘Pocahontas’ Elizabeth Warren

Family Picture Supports Elizabeth Warren's Tale of Being An Indian

A Native-American writer was offended by Trump’s language during a presser calling Elizabeth Warren by the name ‘Pocahontas’. Ms. Robertson said,” It’s absolutely ludicrous that high cheekbones, the stereotypes. Pocahontas is so overdone. Come on.(…)I believe that Mr. Trump and his tone was offensive today. If there was other young indigenous or native American young girls…

Brian Williams Says US Used Nukes in ‘Anger’


Disgraced for lying in the past, journalist Brian Williams is back and is apparently missing some historic facts. Being opposed to nuclear weapons is a good thing, but saying they were used in World War II in anger is a disgraceful manipulation of facts. President Truman used the two bombs to end the war and…

Koch Brothers’ Group Target Phony Fiscal Conservative Lawmaker


The Koch Brothers-backed group Americans for Prosperity is going for broke to put an end to Rep. Renee Ellmers’ career in Washington. She has lost touch with her constituency though it’s doubtful she ever was in touch. The group has field workers in the Raleigh suburbs letting people know that Ellmers votes over and over for…

One Heartwarming Story of Kindness

riding mower

Last week, the wife of a disabled vet posted a really wonderful story on Facebook. Whenever her husband former US Army Specialist Christopher Garrett mowed the lawn, it was painful. He had been shot in the stomach while working a mission which forced him to retire. He came home one day to find that some generous…

Hillary Hopes We’re All Idiots – Update

hilalry shocked 3

We have added this video as an update. Listen to a liberal defend the indefensible. Hillary is lying about the Inspector General’s report and hopes we are all idiots. The Inspector General’s 83-page report contradicted what Hillary Clinton has said about her use of a personal server for State Department emails and had harsh findings only for…

Trump Calls Out Wind and Solar Industry


The wind industry killing eagles isn’t sitting well with Donald Trump. The Obama administration passed a new Federal rule this month which allows the wind turbine companies to kill up to 4200 bald eagles. Oh, what does it matter, we have the Buffalo as our national bison now. Trump cast a light on alternative energy in a…