Since 2007: U.S. Citizens Lost Jobs, Foreigners Got All the New Jobs

Divider-in-Chief Divides Cubans, Surrenders to Castro Brothers

Hollywood Actor: We Mustn't Hurt North Korea's Cultural Feelings

Obama's Handling of the Sony Attack Is Worse Than You Think

Divider-in-Chief Divides Cubans, Surrenders to Castro Brothers

O waves white flag

President Obama has managed to divide us on every issue and along every conceivable racial, religious and gender line since he began his tenure as president. This past week, he divided the Cuban community and has them fighting with each other over his recent decision to recognize Cuba without the Cuban dictators giving up anything. The…

Hollywood Actor: We Mustn’t Hurt North Korea’s Cultural Feelings

Eric Roberts

Hollywood leftists are more than cowards. They would freely sacrifice our 1st Amendment rights on the altar of political correctness. To get an inside look at how Hollywood leftists think, consider Eric Roberts during an interview with Huckabee Saturday night. Hollywood actor Eric Roberts, brother of another Hollywood leftist Julia Roberts, thinks we must not make offensive movies about…

Obama’s Handling of the Sony Attack Is Worse Than You Think


The cyber attack on Sony was preceded by a decade of cyber attacks which have been ignored by President Obama. He saw fit, however, to criticize Sony without hesitation, a criticism most likely based on a lie. President Obama weighed in on Sony’s response to the attackers – the GOP or Guardians of Peace – saying Sony should…

This Is What Obama, Holder, de Blasio, Sharpton Have Wrought


The leaders of our nation and of New York City have empowered monsters and have encouraged them at the expense of law enforcement with their lies about so-called racist cops. They set the stage for the murder of two police officers in New York City yesterday and with the help of a compliant media, they will most likely continue. The…