This Man Was Sentenced to Death for a Most Horrendous Act

Free Speech? Seattle Mariners' Player Suspended for Calling #BLM "Animals"

It's a Civil Right! Hillary Declares World Has the "Right to Immigrate" to US, Collect Welfare

Burkini Ban Video Was Staged to Make French Look Racist

It’s a Civil Right! Hillary Declares World Has the “Right to Immigrate” to US, Collect Welfare

Democratic Presidential Debate in Milwaukee

Hillary Clinton’s campaign: Yes, the world has a “right” to immigrate to here — Washington Examiner (@dcexaminer) September 24, 2016 Hillary Clinton believes immigration law has a “right to immigrate” clause which goes along with Obama’s open borders policy. She must believe that because it is what she is telling the world. Attorney…

Burkini Ban Video Was Staged to Make French Look Racist


Look at the staging of the #Burkini set up to make French people look racist. @AsraNomani — Emma-Kate Symons (@eksymons) September 24, 2016 The burkini (burqini) in France has been a big story in the news throughout the world but it has not been reported accurately. The media suggested the French are bigots…

Hillary Wants a President Who Sees the Best In All of Us


We need a president who sees the best in all of us. — Hillary Clinton (@HillaryClinton) September 21, 2016 Hillary has been tweeting that Donald Trump hates the disabled, women, children, gays and minorities as she throws the kitchen sink at him. From her perspective that leaves one voting option for the American public…

Friday FBI Dump Day: Hillary Emailed Barack Under His Fake Name


It’s Friday and more Hillary emails were ready for dumping by the now-politicized FBI. Thousands of Hillary emails won’t be released until after the election but we do have another 189 pages from the bureau which includes interviews with some of Clinton’s closest aides and the revelation that Barack Obama used a pseudonym to send emails to Hillary on…