PC Watch: Minnesota Police Must Use Proper Pronouns Addressing Transgenders

Chief Harteau

A new policy directs Minneapolis police to use proper pronouns when addressing the transgender community. Nothing spurred the action, it’s a matter of treating them respectfully, Chief Janeé Harteau said. Chief Harteau is openly gay.

If the officer doesn’t know what pronoun to use, they are to politely ask.

“We begin to have a level of respect that begins with ‘my name is, my pronoun is,’ and the officer accepting that and taking that cue as the first lead in of respect and ‘now I’m going to get to know you,’” said Roxanne Anderson, a consultant and community organizer.

“If we can get some accurate information around people’s identities within those police interactions, then the reporting that you guys do will hopefully be more reflective of the identities of the people and not their past identities,” said Andrea Jenkin with the Transgender Oral History Project at the University of Minnesota.

Minneapolis has been a center of Black Lives Matter protests and terrorism but PC is high on the agenda.

This is a chart of proper pronouns and it doesn’t do much for proper English.