Police Chiefs Slam Media’s ‘Propaganda War’ on Police, One Blames Guns

Edward Flynn
Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn

Police Chiefs Edward Flynn of Milwaukee and Charles Ramsey of Philadelphia went on Fox News Sunday to tell the audience that the relentless propaganda war against the police by TV networks is hurting police. Chief Flynn said the media will unfairly link 4 or 5 isolated recordings of police misconduct and try to tie that into a narrative of what the state of police-community relations are. It’s a “false” and “dangerous” construct, they agreed.

Philadelphia Police Chief Ramsey
Philadelphia Police Chief Ramsey

Chief Ramsey said the black on black crime is what must be addressed.

Chief Flynn said there is no breakdown between the police and community.

“Every time there’s a critical incident involving the police, some self-styled activist that I’ve never met before or ever seen at a community meeting is suddenly all over the TV running their mouth off against racist oppression,” Chief Flynn said.

He added that police are out there protecting and meeting with the people at the grassroots level. “Those relations are much healthier than people would have you believe.”

One of the most visible hate groups causing problems for police is the #BlackLivesMatter group. The Soros-funded group has one goal – to disrupt, scream, rant and stir up the crowds wherever they protest alleged police brutality. The group was addressed somewhat by the Chiefs who were more focused on the media.

There are some bad interactions between police and community but there are thousands of interactions that go well and only the bad are shown, Flynn said. The issue is distorted. Officers risking and losing their lives are overshadowed by the few bad officers.

Flynn thinks weaker gun laws are a real problem. Flynn is anti-gun. When Flynn was asked about the increase in murder and crime rates in Milwaukee, he again blamed weakened gun laws over the lack of support for police and the hatred spewed by groups like #BlackLivesMatter.

Ramsey, for his part, doesn’t know what the effect Ferguson has had on them.

Black on Black homicides are 185 per 100,000 compared to 50 for a white person, Flynn said. The president could bridge the gap between disparities in the criminal justice system and what is happening on the street, but hasn’t.

A word about Chief Flynn and his anti-gun campaign. He has a history of putting blame where it doesn’t belong and can be very political.

Both Mayor Tom Barrett and Chief Edward Flynn railed against career criminals carrying firearms as somehow Governor Walker’s fault in April of this year.

Mayor Tom Barrett
Mayor Tom Barrett

Without any basis whatsoever, they connected the recent Milwaukee crime to laws protecting gun rights of law-abiding citizens. Flynn said the horrific crime was “the NRA’s vision for America”. That is a straw man meant to stir passion.

Flynn added that we need to have the “guts and fortitude” to “stand up” to the NRA. That was an attempt to put the blame on the NRA without any basis to do so. They make them bigger than life when it suits their purpose.

As Dana Loesch said, the problem isn’t the gun laws, it’s the failure to enforce them.

Dana Loesch
Dana Loesch

Flynn made the statement to the media that “they passed a law that you don’t need a background check to sell a gun on the street.”

Dana said, “That’s just insane. I don’t expect anything different from a politically-appointed police chief as opposed to a locally-elected sheriff. [referencing Wisconsin Sheriff David Clarke]” Flynn works for Barrett.

“The idea you can walk down the street…the whole gun show loophole, all of this stuff is a myth, she said. “You have federal firearms licensees who sell these things. That’s if you are buying it on line – it has to go through a FFL,” Dana said.

Dana elaborated and added, “In 2001, a Justice Department study came out that showed less than .7% of federal and state inmates, Megyn, actually just went to a gun show and purchased a firearm and they used that in their crimes. There’s absolutely no statistical basis for this argument.”

The real problem Dana said, is “Leniency in the judicial system and the recidivism rate of these felons. It’s always majority repeat offenders, felons who are not legally able to possess a firearm that keep perpetuating these crimes.”