Progressives Suggest Bail for Poor Career Criminals Who Don’t Bother to Show Up for Court Is Unjust


The New York Times posted an editorial yesterday that attempts to twist our thinking on the subject of bail for criminals. It’s all part of the Progressive dream to establish a Utopian justice system.

The article starts out trying to muster sympathy for a career criminal with a long rap sheet for drug dealing but who had “no history of violence.”

Let’s take a minute here. Drug dealing is a very violent crime. Drugs destroy peoples’ lives. It destroys their health, their mental well-being and their families. It doesn’t get much more violent than that.

The man’s name was in the article but I’d rather not say here. His first name is Dom. Dom was arrested for disorderly conduct and rioting – no violence there!

Oh, and he missed court dates in the past.

He was told to post $250,000 bail.

Bail has already been watered down. A person only needs to pay 10% – in his case, $25,000.

Dom was very upset because he felt that was only what you give murderers. The author seems to agree with him. However, how many people died because of the drugs he gave them? What about the fact that he had a “long rap sheet.”

Dom then expressed concern for his family. Why didn’t he think about them before he rioted?

“You’re telling me I have to take food out of my kid’s mouth so I can get out of jail,” Dom said. He spent a month in jail on charges that would later be dropped.

The prosecutor said Dom had been spotted from a helicopter throwing rocks and bricks at firefighters but because they couldn’t stop him at the time and picked him up later, the charges ended up being dropped, not proof of innocence. It sounds like he might have gotten off easy.

The article pointed to a number of isolated cases in which people were unfairly held on bail. Mistakes happen. They want risk assessments that are include “lifestyle” as a scientific barometer. Whatever that means. The article also suggests dismantling “money bail” and have unsecured bonds. It’s hard to imagine the criminals will show up for court dates with unsecured bonds.

Many Progressives want to get rid of bail for youth under 18, ignoring the fact that many are in gangs.

This is our future under the Progressive criminal justice system – permissive, ineffective and chaotic. Liberal ideology has given way to anarchy.

Source: MSN