Free Public School Education Is Mandated for Illegal Aliens



Attorney General Eric Holder said Thursday that all schools must enroll children of illegal aliens. Anything else is discrimination. He made this statement after hearing reports that some schools are refusing to admit them.

He and Secretary Arne Duncan will be issuing new guidelines to school administrators advising them to not require proof of a child’s age and residence among other documents.

Parents will no longer have to prove they are in the country legally.

A decision by the Supreme Court in 1982. – Pyler v. Doe – mandated free public education for illegal aliens. Challenges to the decision have been struck down. Districts have tried to get around the law by requiring driver’s licenses and social security numbers from parents, but that will no longer be allowed to do that according to Holder’s new guidelines.

It is very costly for taxpayers especially now that we have open borders and sanctuary cities.

The ACLU lauded the AG’s decision.

“Today’s updated guidance reaffirms the longstanding principle, established by the Supreme Court over 30 years ago, that all children living in our country have a right to equal access to public education,” ACLU Legislative Counsel Joanne Lin said in an e-mail. “School districts must adhere to this guidance, and meet their constitutional obligations to ensure that no child is locked outside the schoolhouse door.”

Foreigners entering the United States illegally usually work but they tend to have a poor education and earn low incomes, often too little to cover the costs they incur.

“School-age illegal aliens plus the U.S.-born children of illegal aliens comprise about 7.2 percent (3.9 million) of the total school-age population,” according to a CIS report.

In states like Nevada, Arizona, Texas, California, Washington, Illinois, and New Jersey illegal immigrants comprise a much larger share of the school-age population than they do nationally.

Multiply that by tuition costs of $10,000 to $30,000 per student, depending on the district, and you can see the tremendous financial burden taxpayers are assuming. However, three-quarters of the children of illegal immigrants were born here and are citizens.

This administration is in the process of making it easier for illegal aliens in the United States to bring their children into the country after they enter illegally.

Last year, a federal judge said that the Department of Homeland Security is smuggling the children of illegal immigrants in to the United States to live with their illegal alien parents.

The costs of educating them should be a consideration.

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