QuikTrip Robbed, QuikTrip Burned Down by ‘Peaceful’ Protesters


fire at QuikTrip

This doesn’t sound like a coincidence if the two stores are one and the same. The Quiktrip robbed by two men, allegedly Michael Brown and Dorian Johnson, has been tentatively identified as being the Ferguson Market and Liquor on West Florissant Avenue. The store that was burned down Saturday night is on West Florissant Avenue.

It it’s not the same one, why QuikTrips? It could be they are just easy targets or it could be something more onerous.

Michael Brown has been photographed making gang signs and he does appear to be the thief and bully who went into the QuikTrip shortly before the shooting.

You can hear the “peaceful” protesters in this video.

Is anyone as sick as I am of being understanding about the suffering of people who riot?

Watch the robbery in the next video. It sure looks like Brown and Johnson.

If they are indeed the same store, doesn’t it sound like revenge and possibly gang activity?