Rand Paul: How Can Republicans Run on Balancing the Budget But Never Balance It


George Stephanopoulos interviewed Rand Paul on This Week Sunday and asked about the budget being proposed.

“How about the budget. We heard President-Elect Trump say he wants a trillion dollar infrastructure program and repealing ObamaCare and according to the cbo repealing ObamaCare will add billions to the deficit. You have been a hawk on government spending. Can you support a budget that adds to the federal debt?”

Rand Paul said he would not support the budget. The Republican budget “never balances”. He wants to know how Republicans can run on a balanced budget and never balance the budget.

“No. I won’t support any budget whether Republican or Democrat budget that doesn’t lead to balance. The current budget the Republicans are looking at never balances. How can that be fiscally responsible and look at the public with a straight face and say yes we ran on balanced budgets and yet the budget we’re going to repeal ObamaCare with never balances. So I’m a no vote and all it takes is a couple of us. If there are few conservatives in the Senate wing that will say no to a budget that never balances we could have the power to say we need a better budget. I don’t know if it will happen but I will not vote for a budget that never balances.”

It is about times someone talked about balancing the budget. We just keep adding to the debt.

What do you think?


  1. At least 70% of the budget is on a non-discriminatory basis, i. e. automatic pilot. The military is required by the Constitution to have its budgetary accounting. The weasels set it up as such to avoid having to make tough decisions.

    Repeal the 16th and 17th amendment and get ready for the ensuing riots. After the dust settles, you’ll see a more fiscally responsible federal government. If not, then, maybe some tar and feathers ought be found. When 47% of the people pay no taxes and many of these get dole, it allows for the best Congress money can buy.

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