Randy Altschuler, Congressional Candidate CD-1 Long Island, Leads Opponent Tim Bishop

Randy Altschuler

Tim Bishop, friend to movie stars and moneyed elite, is running against accomplished businessman Randy Altschuler in the CD-1 congressional race.

It is a key race with money pouring in from outside Long Island for Tim Bishop.

Bishop is a far left congressman who voted along party lines 94% of the time with 3% abstentions. He voted to the right of center 3% of the time.

Randy Altschuler is a very successful businessman and a principled, nice guy. He doesn’t hang around with the likes of Anna Wintour and Alan Alda as does Bishop and I’m grateful for that.

He is a self-made man and he did build it himself!

Randy Altschuler gave an interview to Fox yesterday and you can check his website here.

A CD-1 Poll conducted by Pulse Opinion Research surveyed 1000 likely voters by phone.

The results are very encouraging for Randy Altschuler.

When asked if the 2012 election for United States Congress were held today would you vote for Republican Randy Altschuler or Democrat Tim Bishop, respondents answered

Randy Altschuler 47%
Tim Bishop 43%
Undecided/Neither 10%

Last week, a poll conducted by Tim Bishop’s campaign (not an independent pollster) had Bishop leading Randy Altschuler 53% to 39%. The poll surveyed only 400 people. Desiree Moore, one of our writers, said they probably polled SEIU. I think the campaign is delusional if they believe their own poll.

Am I biased in favor of Randy Altschuler? You betcha!