Rep. Jim McDermott, Aiding & Abetting Terrorists for PC’s Sake


The Puget Sound Joint Terrorism Task Force posted 16 photos of wanted terrorists on King County Metro buses. The task force is part of the State Department’s “Rewards for Justice” program. The photos were under the heading, “Faces of Global Terrorism.” and below the photo, it reads, “Stop a Terrorist. Save Lives. Up to $25 Million Reward.”

The ads are gone now.

These terrorists could be anywhere in the world, including the United States. The ads were a public service.

The ads were similar to the most wanted photos we used to see in post offices or on the TV show, “America’s Most Wanted.”

People like the Muslims of Puget Sound and Rep. Jim McDermott have pressured the bus company into taking the ads down.

The Muslims are afraid that they will all be taken for terrorists. That is the same as saying a photo of Billy the Kid could never have been posted because anyone who looks like him might be arrested or harmed.

MeDermott is something else again. He is a fool but he apparently has influence. He famously lauded Obamacare as something that will now enable the government to tell you what healthcare you can have – the government will decide, he said. He also defended the IRS by congratulating them for targeting tea party members. Now he is upset that brown people are on the ads.

From what I could see, some of the people in the ads are white. However, who gives a d@^n what color they are? They are terrorists and we need to know who they are. My hope is that if any of them do show up, they pitch a tent in McDermott’s backyard.

I fixed the ad and added a white guy – Jim McDermott – because anyone who deprives us of our safety in the name of PC is a terrorist of sorts.

faces of global terrorism-Jim McDermott

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