Republican Support for Democratic Platforms Appears to Be Growing



Our choice in the next election might be between Democrats and Republicans who aren’t as Progressive as the Democrats. Republicans are trying to broaden the tent.

I don’t know how Republicans will do as a party if they keep going along with Democrats on every issue from illegal immigration to gay marriage to abortion to funding Obamacare.

Rumors are circulating that they are working out a deal on gun control with Senate Democrats though Lindsey Graham said there should not be any new laws until the government enforces the ones they have. We did, however, have Republican legislators in NY vote for Cuomo’s irrational gun bill. I don’t believe Republicans will cave on gun control but it’s sad that I’m not sure.

The latest potential flip-flop, which also coincides with changing polls on the issue, concerns marriage between members of the same sex.

Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) said Sunday on Meet the Press that he believes it’s “inevitable” that there will someday be a GOP presidential candidate who supports same-sex marriage. He could see himself backing such a candidate even though he opposes gay marriage.

“I believe marriage should be between a man and a woman,” said Flake. “I still hold to the traditional definition of marriage.”

Last Sunday, Karl Rove said he could see the GOP supporting a pro-gay marriage candidate. Rob Portman said he now supports gay marriage because his son is gay. Perhaps he is the potential candidate they are all considering.

Gays should be welcomed in the Republican party but do we all have to believe gay marriage is something to advocate for?

The Republicans are funding Obamacare and many, including Governor McDonnell of Virginia, are saying the battle is over, Obamacare is the law of the land, and now they have to find ways to fund it. Speaker John Boehner of Ohio has also said Obamacare is the law of the land though he also said the GOP goal is “full repeal” of the bill.

Republicans keep approving spending bills that add taxes and deficits because they don’t want to look like obstructionists. Speaker Boehner doesn’t want to close down the government.

We have yet to see what the illegal immigration deal will spawn, but President Obama has already said he wants an accelerated path to citizenship for illegals already here. Any plan the gang of eight comes up with could be altered later on to accommodate President Obama’s plan.

Republicans don’t say or do much in support of the Constitution. Left-leaning school curricula [Common Core] is accepted by Republican governors as well as Democratic governors. Some Republicans are in support of irrevocably damaging the Electoral College with the National Popular Vote, which gives the voting power to left-leaning cities.

Only a few Republicans are looking for answers on Benghazi. Fewer still follow through on their opposition to far-left appointees to critical positions in government. They verbally oppose extremists for various positions and then vote for them.

Where the Republicans are going with all this is hard to say. Perhaps they are doing the right thing. Their position does seem untenable – the left has the media.

Hopefully they are not looking to win over Democratic voters. I don’t envision a stampede of Democrats mowing down people to get to the polls in support of Republicans.

Do I expect too much from Republicans? Is it me? I’d like to see them commit to whatever their platform is.

Republicans, whose platform opposes same-sex marriage in theory,  Obamacare, tax and spend, and even gun control, might be opposed in name only.