Romney-Ryan on Fiscal Responsibility & a Path to Prosperity


How will Romney handle some of the more controversial aspects of Paul Ryan’s budget plan, Path to Prosperity? For one thing, Romney has never said he completely embraces the Ryan plan, he has his own plan though both will undoubtedly merge.

Ryan has said that his plan for Medicare is a starting point. It is a beginning of a much-needed conversation about slowing the growth of spending, balancing the budget, and increasing revenue.

President Obama has been especially critical of the plan even though he, ironically, took half a trillion dollars from Medicare to pay for Obamacare.

The Ryan plan does not go into effect until 2022 and only effects people under age 55, most of whom assume it will go bankrupt anyway. The only controversy is the invented one done for partisan reasons. It is similar to the faux war on women.

Ryan adjusted the budget after working with colleagues but that only caused the critics to rail more, though they seem to have not the will nor the courage to bring their own plans forward.

Two Ryan budgets passed the House and were killed in the Senate.

One Ryan budget was co-authored with far left Oregon representative Ron Wyden. The plan addressed Medicare, which needs addressing. The plan they came up with enabled companies to compete with Medicare in providing services for seniors. If these two men can work together, then, given a new president, it seems obvious congress could function again.

A later Ryan budget was one Wyden disagreed with.

Ryan was described by Obama as a man I can work with. Why didn’t he then? Romney and Ryan can work with any congress and will.

Ryan impressed Erskine Bowles, a brilliant man not easily impressed:**

The gestalt is what is important here and should not be overlooked. The Romney/Ryan platform is about fiscal responsibility, it is not about one program. It is about ideas. The Romney/Ryan vision is starkly different from Obama’s on every level, especially on the economy.

It is very frustrating to hear people on both sides of the aisle demand a more detailed budget plan when no plan is being demanded of Barack Obama.

Obama continues with trillion dollar deficits each year and has no plan to slow the pace of spending.

Obama said he would cut the budget deficit in half and hasn’t.

Ryan’s budget slows the growth of spending and actually needs to go farther, but he is being criticized for going too far. He is being criticized for “draconian” cuts. Obama called Ryan’s budget social Darwinism,*** an idea echoed by Republican, Newt Gingrich. If Republicans won’t even look at addressing the explosion of government spending, particularly in Medicare and Social Security, what chance do we have (that’s rhetorical).

Krauthammer addressed the social Darwinism criticism:

The following questions and answers are being circulated among Republicans by the Romney camp according to CNN. Some believe the statements give Romney wiggle room out of the Medicare controversy surrounding Ryan.

I take them differently. There is no controversy. These talking points are explanatory. The Ryan plan does not take effect until 2022 and there is no danger confronting seniors.

Do you worry that Paul Ryan’s controversial Medicare plan will hurt the campaign with independents?

No. President Obama is the one who should be worried, because he has cut $700 BILLION from Medicare to pay for Obamacare, and put in place a panel of Washington bureaucrats to make decisions about what kind of care seniors will receive under Medicare. Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan have a bipartisan plan to strengthen Medicare by giving future seniors the choice between traditional Medicare and a variety of private plans. They are committed to ensuring that Medicare remains strong, not just for today’s seniors, but for tomorrow’s seniors as well.

Does this mean Mitt Romney is adopting the Paul Ryan plan?

Gov. Romney applauds Paul Ryan for going in the right direction with his budget, and as president he will be putting together his own plan for cutting the deficit and putting the budget on a path to balance.

Romney’s administration will go through the budget line by line and ask two questions: Can we afford it? And, if not, should we borrow money from China to pay for it?

Mitt Romney will start with the easiest cut of all: Obamacare, a trillion-dollar entitlement we don’t want and can’t afford.

Mitt Romney also laid out commonsense reforms that will make good on our promises to today’s seniors and save Social Security and Medicare for future generations.

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan have different views on some policy areas – like Medicare spending, entitlement reform, labor, etc. – do you think those differences are going to hurt or help?

Of course they aren’t going to have the same view on every issue. But they both share the view that this election is a choice about two fundamentally different paths for this country. President Obama has taken America down a path of debt and decline. Romney and Ryan believe in a path for America that leads to more jobs, less debt and smaller government. So, while you might find an issue or two where they might not agree, they are in complete agreement on the direction that they want to lead America

Paul Ryan doesn’t have military experience. Does that hurt?

The ticket is no different that Obama and Biden. Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan both respect members of our military who sacrifice so much to defend our freedoms.

They share the view that America’s leadership position in the world is based on a robust national defense, strengthened relationships with our allies and a philosophy of peace through strength.

Governor Romney Has A Plan For Reducing The Deficit:

  • Lower federal spending to 20 percent of GDP within four years’ time – down from the 24.3 percent today.
  • Roll back discretionary spending levels to where Barack Obama found them in 2009.
  • Halt the expansion of government and repeal Obamacare.
  • Reform Medicare and Social Security.
  • Eliminate redundant federal programs and wasteful bureaucracy.
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** President Obama created a bipartisan Fiscal Commission to address our nation’s fiscal challenges. The Commission was charged with identifying policies to improve the fiscal situation in the medium term and to achieve fiscal sustainability over the long run. They came up with numerous suggestions, all of which President Obama ignored.

*** Social Darwinism is generally understood to use the concepts of struggle for existence and survival of the fittest to justify social policies which make no distinction between those able to support themselves and those unable to support themselves.