Rule by Obama Elite Closing In On Our Freedoms

Kamala Harris and Obama

The Ulsterman Report has a new and shocking development from the Obama administration.

We have the potential here for some major campaign donor fraud and the resulting takeover of our Presidency –

Information From Ulsterman – California Attorney General Kamala Harris could be the next Supreme Court Justice to replace Ruth Bader Ginsberg.

Her brother-in-law is Tony West who is an Assistant Attorney General under Obama Attorney General Eric Holder.  He is on a short list to take Holder’s job.

Tony West was a BIG campaign bundler for Barack Obamain 2008.

This is from the San Francisco Chronicle report in 2009 –

As co-chairman of Obama’s campaign, West was instrumental in helping the candidate raise an estimated $65 million in California and has been considered a rising star in both the legal and political circles of the nation’s most populous state. He is an attorney in the San Franciscooffices of Morrison & Foerster.

$65 million dollars!!!

In 2007, Mr. West was a member of the “American Taliban” John Walker Lindh’s defense team.

We have a former Obama campaign bundler and defense attorney of a Taliban terrorist, who also happens to be the brother in law of the California Attorney General whose state just received a multi-billion dollar housing bailout – the same man who might soon find himself being placed in the position of being the next Attorney General of the United States…Read more: Ulsterman Report