Second Amendment Alert: Nanny Bloomberg Is After Hand Guns



Michael Bloomberg has been spending a good deal of money trying to federalize strict gun laws. He wants to do for the Second Amendment what he’s done for the 20-ounce Big Gulp.

He has formed a powerful organization called Mayors Against Illegal Guns, which takes advocates for gun control and puts them in city halls using personal funds from Mayor Bloomberg’s accounts and taxpayer money at times.

He also uses the organization to keep fellow Democrats in line. He recently defeated a pro-gun Democrat in Illinois by putting $2 million dollars into a candidate to primary her – he was succesful.

Bloomberg said on Face the Nation Sunday that hand guns are more deadly than “assault weapons.” Take this seriously. He is coming for your hand guns.

We don’t have much in the way of a Second Amendment in New York. We can’t walk around with a gun – only the criminals do – and we certainly can’t shoot someone who enters our house unless the person has had an opportunity to harm or kill us. If Bloomberg has his way, the rest of the nation will be in the same situation.

In this video, he gives the stats that support his case but it’s hardly the whole story. Click here for the complete story.