Second Amendment Rights Are In More Danger Than You Think



Photo of some gangsters who will keep their guns whether there is a Second Amendment or not

Earlier this month, anti-gun Socialist Senator Patrick Leahy called for blowing up the Senate rules to approve judges with only 50 votes.

Leahy said that if Republicans block nominees to the courts, the vote to confirm judges should only require 50 votes instead of 60. Were this to happen, we would see an anti-gun crusader appointed to the court, which would tip the scales against the Second Amendment.

When Reid threatened the so-called ‘nuclear option,’ he planned to limit it to Executive Branch nominees only, but Leahy wants to take it much further.

Our justices are getting older – Justice Kennedy is 80. Justice Kennedy was the deciding vote in the Heller case which allowed us to keep our Second Amendment.

Should Kennedy or any of the conservative Justices leave the court, this administration will undoubtedly appoint an anti-gun advocate and that will be the end of the Second Amendment.

Once one Amendment goes, they will all topple.

In his dissenting opinion on the Heller case, ani-gun crusader Justice Stevens wrote, …there is no indication that the Framers of the Amendment intended to enshrine the common-law right of self-defense in the Constitution.

He further wrote that there was not so much as a whisper that the right secured by the Amendment bore any relation to private use or possession of weapons for activities like hunting or personal self-defense.

He added that the Amendment does not confer upon individuals any “self-defense” right disconnected from service in a state militia.

Throughout his dissent, his argument is for collective rights over individual rights. He used the Second Amendment and the Constitution, which guarantees our right to bear arms, as evidence as to why we do not have the right. He has said at other times, we have the right to call 911.

Stevens echoes the views of many on the left that we do NOT have the right to self-defense or to bear arms. Our rights, in his mind, are conferred on us by government not from an innate, God-given right.

The reason for the outrage over Stand Your Ground is much the same. Opponents to the law do not believe in the right to self-defense. Of the 133 Stand Your Ground cases in Florida where the Trayvon Martin case was tried, only 54% were ruled as justifiable. The law is not a license to kill. It is a license to self-defense, which should not have to be written into law but apparently it does have to be.

Any day now, Mr. Obama will sign the Arms Trade Treaty which can be used to control small arms in the United States. It can be used to mandate a national registry which will likely be followed by confiscation. It’s not a given, but with this administration, it almost is. The treaty would require ratification by a 2/3rds majority of the Senate. The last vote came within 6 votes. The final vote was 53 – 46.

For people who think this isn’t about eliminating the Second Amendment, consider the case of Dustin S. Reininger, a veteran of the Army and the Air Force and a former police officer, who was moving to Texas from Maine and had his guns packed in the back of his car.

When he pulled off the road in New Jersey to take a nap, a trooper demanded to know what was in the back of his car, proceeding to search his car without a warrant, and found his legally-owned guns.

Mr. Reininger is now serving a five-year prison sentence for carrying the guns in his back seat. Federal law provides safe passage for someone transporting guns through a restrictive jurisdiction, but the appeals court ruled that it was irrelevant because the law stipulates they be locked in the trunk.

This horrendous case has been upheld by the courts and Mr. Reininger’s life has been ruined for no good reason. Gun laws often devolve into over-charging innocent people like Mr. Reininger while criminals slide.

There is no Second Amendment in many states like New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Illinois, California. The rest of the country might soon find out what it’s like to not be able to defend onesself.

With the abundance of absurd gun laws being passed in a number of states, with the upcoming threat of the Arms Trade Treaty, with Socialists like Leahy threatening an undemocratic approach to selecting a Supreme Court Justice, why would anyone think the Second Amendment isn’t in grave danger?

I went to a conference at NYU recently and the audience were comprised mostly of Communists, Socialists,and Democratic Socialists. Those people are scary. If you ever wonder about why you might need a gun to protect yourself one day, go to one of these conferences.