Senator Ted Cruz Hopes the Castro Brothers Meet Their Maker Soon

Senator Ted Cruz
Senator Ted Cruz

Senator Ted Cruz is of Cuban ancestry. He recently attended the Cuba-Democracy PAC luncheon.

During his speech at the luncheon he said, “hopefully, in the not too distant future, Fidel Castro and Raul Castro will join Hugo Chavez, and all three will face the ultimate judgment.” Cruz later referred to Fidel Castro and Che Guevara as “murderous thugs” of the past and the present day.

Cruz then concluded by suggesting that America needs a “President that will stand up today and say, Mr. Castro, let the Cuban people go. Mr. Castro, open up the ballot box. Mr. Castro, empty the jails.”

I like Senator Cruz more each day. It’s so refreshing to hear someone not singing the praises of vile dictators. In his speech, he is inspirational as he calls for freedom of the Cuban people.

How long before John McCain and Lindsey Graham start whining that there is no cause for Ted Cruz to say this.

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Listen to Ted Cruz’ father to understand:

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