Senator Zeldin at ‘No-Show Demos’ Debate and a Reverend’s Powerful Statement


George Demos

George Demos did not show up at the second scheduled debate with his primary opponent, Lee Zeldin, which was to be held at the Southampton Full Gospel Church. Instead Demos chickened out and  canceled with the church at the last moment. He refused to attend unless there were 10 police officers present which is odd considering it was his manager who physically assaulted one of the attendees at the last debate.

There is no evidence he contacted the Zeldin campaign to cancel the debate though his manager sent out a weird campaign email on the same day as the debate – the 27th – suggesting that the people in the church were Zeldin supporters trying to entrap him.

Pastor Havorilla addressed the attendees about George Demos not showing up and his statement makes it clear that Demos was welcomed:

Please read the statement by the church Deacon:


George Demos is lying when he said he did not commit to the debate at Southampton Full Gospel Church on May 27, 2014 at 7:00 PM. Emails and conversations with Kevin, his campaign manager prove I had a commitment. The rules he wanted were in place and Lee Zeldin was assured to come, but George backed out. When the debate was a sure thing Demos panics and starts putting up road blocks. For example, asking for 10 private security or Southampton policeman to be present at the debate, and emails and conversations prove this. George is nothing more than a T.V. tiger and did not want to stand in front of the people, like a real man. George come on and let’s setup a new debate for next week. Also, to correct another one of your lies, I am not the Zeldin supporter as you said, another lie. I went to work out details of the debate with Lee and you say I am a supporter. Come on George live in the real world. Just shows how politics today have declined to a point where you cannot take a man at his verbal and emailed word. ‘No show George’ you need to learn that spending a lot of money, acting tough on TV is not a substitute for honesty and transparency. What kind of elected official would you be if I can’t take you at your word. Or just a no show conservative, who can’t be reached by phone or never seen in public?
James Boyd
Southampton Full Gospel Church

George Demos pops into the congressional race every two years and acts as a spoiler. He also is funded by California Democrats. You put it all together.

Senator Lee Zeldin spoke to the attendees without Demos.

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