Sharpton’s ‘Millions March’ Against Police Brutality Brings a Few Thousand to D.C.


Updates at the end of the post.

A mini-mob showed up at Al Sharpton’s Millions March Against Police Brutality Saturday. It was supposed to bring out millions but squeaked out a few thousand instead.

The march is in honor of Michael Brown, a criminal, and Eric Garner.  Neither case was about racism.

Sharpton said he expected a few thousand earlier in the week and was scrambling to find protesters. He did manage to get people bussed in at the last moment. At least 100 buses supposedly came in from New York. Unions like SEIU signed up.

The permit was only for 5,000.

The following is funny. Biz Pac Review reports that organizers and protesters were fighting over the VIP section and the microphone.

Here’s a glimpse:

Like braindead drones, they practiced their chant on the bus trip:

The uninspiring Rev. Al said he’s inspired seeing white kids with signs.

Al's inspired by white kids with signs

Communist SEIU has reps at the rally:

commies in SEIU marching

The protesters say it’s not against cops. Really?

DC march

They don’t like whites either – end White supremacy now:

end white supremacy

One speaker said if the dead were white, they’d be alive. Actually if they weren’t resisting arrest, they’d be alive:

speaker says if they were white, they'd be alive

They are bringing up the babies with this garbage:

They brought the babies

Emmett Till, an innocent 14-year old, on the same flag with thug Michael Brown:

Emmett Till and Michael Brown in the same sentence

Entrepreneurs making money off the deaths:


Gays join in (are they gay or more commie?):

gays rallying too

Idiot police chief:

idiot police Capt Lewis

It’s about love:

it's all about love

Look what they’re teaching this child:

look at what they're teaching this child

Michael Brown’s devastated mother who didn’t raise him:

Michael Brown's mother, who didn't raise him

Comparing the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner to the cold-blooded execution of young Mexican communists by Mexican military:

Ferguson and Mexico murders

The League for the Revolutionary Party (LRP) has been advertising the march.

On their website, they say that they are “dedicated to the restoration of authentic Marxism and the political independence of the working class everywhere. Our guiding slogan is Re-create the Fourth International.” “In every country, the class-conscious proletariat must fit itself to be the agency for overthrowing capitalism by building its vanguard party. We reject the idea that the middle-class intelligentsia can lead the masses to socialism.”

Al Sharpton just wants to make money and do the bidding of our very far-left president.

At the rally, race-baiter Sharpton urged Congress to pass legislation that would allow federal prosecutors to take over cases involving police. He said local district attorneys often work with police regularly, raising the potential of conflicts of interest when prosecutors investigate incidents, he said.

This falls in line with Eric Holder’s and Barack Obama’s desire to control local police. Elijah Cummings is on the record as saying he wants to have a federal czar to oversee police. All of them want alternatives to arresting and incarcerating blacks – for social justice’s sake.


Update: 9:30 PM EST: The rally started out slow but USA Today is reporting about 10,000 joined the march with another larger protest nearby. The Tea Party had hundreds of thousands at a couple of their rallies and the newspapers said it was a few thousand. The pro-life marches have drawn a million and they received no publicity. This rally is getting overblown publicity. It’s a planned, staged protest of far left activists. The media is on the side of this protest. They quote people saying the most outrageous things, like this for instance: “There is a systematic murder of people of color in this country and it’s institutionalized racism. The people are here to convince the people in power to legislate against this,” a man at the rally, who didn’t want to give his name, told CBS radio station WINS-AM in New York.

Tens of thousands reportedly marched in New York City, which is very possible given the culture of New York City. Read this and this, you won’t believe it.