Shocking Truth About the Cruz-Carpenter Fake Tattoo-Sexy Pose Photos


The truth is hard to come by these days and everything isn’t as it seems much of the time, especially now that we have photoshop. Ted Cruz and alleged mistress and supporter Amanda Carpenter got the same fake tattoos on the same day. Carpenter then posed seductively allegedly in Ted Cruz’s jacket sporting her new tattoo. The photos were taken in 2014.

Look at both photos and decide if they are cheating.

cruz tattoo sexy mistress with tattoo

Now for the facts, it was APRIL FIRST! APRIL FOOL’S DAY! The jacket in the photo she tweeted fits her and the sleeves are three-quarter ruched sleeves because it’s a woman’s jacket.

Here is what Mrs. Carpenter has to say.

Not everyone gets Senator Cruz’s humor or his style but he’s lucky he can communicate at all. He is a genius and has an audio-graphic memory. Geniuses like him often can’t communicate with the regular folk and become isolated. I’ve seen it as an educator.

People want to believe this perhaps but wait for the facts.