Shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut, Multiple Deaths Reported – Update

Teacher leading children out of the school

Update: 12/16: The police are now saying there were four weapons, one was a long rifle, two were pistols and I don’t know what the other one was.

There are reports now that there was no altercation with staff.

The stories are all over the place so the only thing that’s getting posted from this point on are directly from police or victims. Every media outlet is reporting something different or erroneous.

Update: 12:14: 17:49: The horrific shooting today left 20 very young children, the Principal, and 6 teachers and aides murdered by one lone gunman, Adam Lanza, age 20. His mother was also murdered at her home which she shared with her son.

Lanza was at the school at about 9:00 am. He may have broken the glass to get into the school. Police scanners have police talking about broken glass in the front of the building.

One child said that he heard cursing over the loudspeaker and then a scream. The teachers and children were warned over the loudspeaker and several people immediately called 911.

Another child saw a man all in black (Adam Lanza) going down the hall shooting when a teacher pulled him in a classroom.

Allegedly, the gunman was the son of a teacher aide at the school. His mother, Nancy Lanza, was not at the school during the shooting. She had been murdered by the gunman before he went to her school. He shot her in the face and then reportedly went to her school and murdered the children and at least one teacher in two classes. The children were possibly first grade students.

Eighteen children were dead at the scene and two were taken to the hospital where they died.

The gunman’s 24 year old brother Ryan and two roommates are being questioned. His computer has been seized. He is being very cooperative and is not a suspect in any way. Original reports said he was the gunman. His father, who was divorced from the mother, is in Hoboken speaking with the police and is described as very cooperative.

Adam Lanza, the gunman, who lived with his mother in Connecticut, committed the murders with a Sig Sauer and a 9 mm reportedly. He possibly had an assault rifle in his car. The guns were legally purchased and registered to the gunman’s mother.

Adam Lanza reportedly suffered from Autism or Aspergers and personality disorders, possibly including obsessive-compulsive disorder. He was found dead at the school, possibly a suicide.

It is not known how many are wounded.

Discussions of gun control began as soon as the shooting was made public, but I cannot find the media reports about the sickness in our culture that encourages drugs, violent music, movies and video games.

Hartford Courant

Original Story: 12/14: One or more shooters entered a K-4 elementary school in Newton, Connecticut this morning and began shooting. One child is reported deceased and there are reports of multiple deaths.

One father said the shooter walked into his child’s classroom and shot his teacher. The Principal might also have been shot. There are reports of several injuries. One teacher was shot in the foot.

Children were told to run and keep running until they reached the fire department.

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