Social Security Disability Has A Nice Program for Deadbeats


Last April, Independent Sentinel reported on the easing of social security disability guidelines which now allows people, obviously people with no pride, to collect disability if they want to feign depression or a mood disorder.

All one needs to qualify now is to have four of the following affective signs (tell me how half the country wouldn’t qualify under these loosey goosey rules):

Anhedonia or continuous loss of interest in daily activities
Substantial change in weight and appetite
Sleep disturbance
Retardation or psychomotor agitation
Loss of energy
Feelings of worthlessness or guilt
Suicidal thoughts
Paranoia, delusions or hallucination

Social Security must consider how your mood disorder symptoms affect your ability to do unskilled work, which requires you to: understand, remember, and carry out simple instructions, make simple work-related decisions, respond appropriately to supervision and co workers, and handle changes in routine.

For those who are wondering how it’s working, just check the latest stats from the Social Security Administration which show that the numbers of those reporting mood disorders are increasing exponentially. One-third of those claiming mood disorders are from Puerto Rico. The entitlement system we have set up is destroying Puerto Rico along with the states.

I guess we know where a lot of the disappearing work force went.

This program is meant for the truly ill, the handicapped, disabled veterans and anyone stealing from it by making a false claim, besides being a thief, is lacking in common decency.

via CNS News

The Social Security Administration released its annual statistical report on federal disability insurance last month, revealing that at the end of 2011 there was a then-record of 8,575,544 workers collecting federal disability benefits and among them were 1,304,851 doing so because they suffered from “mood disorders.”

The incidence of “mood disorders” among disability beneficiaries was not proportionately distributed among the states and territories, according to the official SSA statistics. Some locations had much higher percentages of disability beneficiaries diagnosed with mood disorders than other locations.

In American Samoa, for example, only 3.1 percent of the workers collecting federal disability benefits had been diagnosed with a “mood disorder.” In Puerto Rico, by contrast, 33.3 percent of disability beneficiaries had a mood disorder…

Social Security is on the brink of insolvency. Is that surprising to anyone? The one good thing about this is it will put the SSDI lawyers out of business.