Soros Brutality Aimed At Issa


Don’t be fooled if you don’t see the weapon in their hands, Socialists are brutal.

When you have a crony capitalist government run by Socialists with friends like George Soros, you have to be prepared to deal with the repercussions as Rep. Issa is discovering. Issa is the Chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, responsible for investigating and exposing waste, fraud, and abuse in government.

Issa is the latest target of the Soros machine which has filed ethics complaints against him. Rep. Issa is wealthy and he has many holdings. He was a successful business owner before he become a Congressman.

Perhaps they hope that some of the cronyism accusations against Obama will be assuaged by this.

The Soros group, American Family Voices, has filed an ethics complaint against him accusing him of a conflict of interests and responding to those conflicts. This is the result of investigations by the far left New York Times and Think Progress, a Soros think tank.

One of the obvious ludicrous complaints are that he took earmarks – are they kidding? Now they care about the earmarks exalted by Harry Reid. We didn’t hear complaints about this when Murtha spent inordinate amounts of money on a dinky airport near his home, which he used as his own personal air ferry service. I think there is one person in Congress who hasn’t taken earmarks, but I can’t remember for certain if the number is that high. Read here: Soros group going after Issa, their take.

Congressman Issa has for months been taking the lead in investigating the Obama Department of Justice’s role in the now infamous and deadly Operation Fast and Furious Gunrunner program that resulted in the deaths of border officials and private citizens.

Congressman Issa has fired back that this is payback for Issa’s investigation of Fast and Furious. The allegations are not new and Issa denies them.

The Soros group complaint and Issa’s response –

1. Issa favored Goldman at a time he owned stock. Issa spokesman Frederick Hill said the congressman’s actions had no bearing on his holdings because Goldman Sachs was the seller of the product, and the company’s standing did not affect the investment value.

2. Issa favored Merrill Lynch when he was buying and selling their stock. Hill said Issa’s questioning of U.S. Treasury officials at that time had nothing to do with the congressman’s investments, and noted that all of Issa’s holdings were properly disclosed.

3. Issa pushed the Sirius/XM merger at a time he owned the stock. Hill responded that Issa sold his interest in the company before he started serving in Congress.

4. Issa pushed improvements for roads on which he owned property. Hill said the earmark requests preceded Issa’s purchase of real estate along West Vista Way, so that any increase in property values cost Issa money. He noted that the road improvements were requested and supported by local officials.