Springtime in Arabia – A Brief Look at the Obama Foreign Policy Successes


Let’s start with Syria. That’s our current success story and it was Obama who called for the uprising and the removal of Assad. He is also responsible for appointing Susan Rice as Ambassador to the U.N. Ambassador Rice often doesn’t show for meetings and when she does, she’s weak.

Richard Grenell has an interesting opinion piece today entitled It’s Time for Susan Rice to Resign. He believes she  has been ineffective at convincing the world to help Syria. In fact, the world stands idly by as thousands of Syrians are slaughtered by the Assad regime. [It’s not unexpected after Obama took out Mubarek and Gaddhafi so they could be replaced by religious fanatics. Assad is going to fight that from happening.]

Grenell points out that Rice tried to blame Russia for what was actually a predictable response based on her inaction.The Russians aren’t going to respond to the manipulation and spin the way the U.S. voters sometimes do. So much for the reset of our relations with Russia and isn’t it great how we send our businesses and secrets to China!

Grenell:  By the time Rice started pressuring Security Council members to confront the growing violence and death, it was too late.Once a draft resolution condemning Syria was introduced, Rice was too quick to negotiate changes that weakened it without insisting on a date for the Security Council to vote. Her constant agreement to changes seemed desperate. The frantic and late maneuvering left the United States at the mercy of Russia and China, who vetoed even the watered down measure.

In the following video, you can see UN Ambassador Susan Rice handling the Russia and China veto of a U.N. resolution [it didn’t even include sanctions], against Syria. Since the vote, Assad has been completely out of control. This is what happens when the leader of the free world appears weak. Storming out looked weak.

In Palestine, Fatah and Hamas have reached an agreement. Abbas will lead a “technical government” until the elections in May, then Hamas will govern Gaza and Fatah the West Bank. Both are united by their hatred for Israel.

Tehran says it will attack anyone helping its enemies. The deputy chief of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards issues the threat as its forces conduct military manoeuvres in an apparent warning to Arabic Peninsula nations. Obama says he believes Israel has not yet decided to bomb Iranian nuclear installations. [Last week Panetta gave us dates for when Israel would bomb Iran’s nuclear installations.]

Then there is this from Dahi Khalfan Tamim, the Dubai police chief –

PJ Media“In my opinion, U.S. policy in the region is the number one security threat. Our American friends might not like this, but experience has taught us that the Americans do not have friends. On the contrary, they are quick to wash their hands of their friends.”

[Referencing our dumping Egypt, Tunisia, agreements with Gaddafi, supporting the overthrow of Bahrain, and not backing Israel.]

As a Saudi said privately not long ago, “If you treat Israel, part of your family, like this how are you going to treat us?

[Obama says that Iraq and Afghanistan, now in utter chaos, are successes. He claims he weakened Iran and brought Islamist friends to the U.S. I guess that’s why Egypt arrested 19 democracy workers and is putting them on trial.]

Tanim begs to differ, “U.S. policy in the Gulf constitutes a threat, because they have ulterior motives: to overthrow the regimes….They adopted the path and ideology of Khomeini. They embraced the same idea, and began to export the revolution.” [Islamist Revolutionaries who are opposed to the governments of Algeria, Israel, Jordan and all Gulf Arab governments.]

Tanim believes current U.S. policy has helped Iran.“The United States has granted Iran many of its dreams in the region, including the toppling of Saddam [Hussein], active presence of Iran in Iraq and the exporting of the revolution into the Arab world…. The Americans “say: We are exporting the revolution to the Arab world. If their aim is indeed to export the revolution, they subscribe to the same mentality as Khomeini.”

[Obama does support the Muslim Brotherhood. He has funded them and has urged negotiations with them in Egypt and elsewhere.]

Let’s not forget the illegal NGO trial in Egypt which includes the son of Sam LaHood and 44 other democracy workers. Obama, in his infinite wisdom, had been trying to rush funding to Egypt right before this happened. We now find out that he was sending $2 billion taxpayer dollars not the reported $1.2 billion. Obama is now threatening to not send the funds but he has been told that once the trial starts, there is nothing they can do.

This trial is a political trial and an attempt to make the foreigners look like the guilty parties in the escalating violence in Egypt. Their press has been reporting that NGO’s are fanning unrest.

Forewarning of NGO trial and countering opinions –

Our relationship with Turkey and Cyprus has been poor, in large part due to the Gulf War, but the relationship has greatly deteriorated under Obama. They believe his policies are insensitive and put their interests in danger.

Ah yes, springtime in Arabia. Haven’t we done a fine job.