State of the Primaries: Stopping Trump



Stopping Trump on Tuesday is the mantra of 28% of the Republican party who say they will not vote for Trump under any circumstances and it’s the mantra of the establishment who don’t like his behavior. The establishment doesn’t think he can win.

The Republicans who don’t like Trump and his behavior hope to stop him at a convention and in order to get there, Trump has to fail to meet the requisite number of delegates – 1237.

If this is a contested convention, there shouldn’t be a problem but if the horse trading after a first vote looks like the GOP is playing games by pushing it into a brokered convention, there will be a revolution within the party.

Senator Marco Rubio won the Washington, D.C., GOP convention on Saturday night, the city’s Republican Party said. Rubio spokesman Alex Conant quickly tweeted that Rubio’s victory showed that the Florida senator can be a unifier. It’s not real clear how winning inside the Beltway is a sign he can unify. It’s the ultimate in winning the establishment.

Senator Ted Cruz won nine of the 12 delegates awarded in Wyoming’s county conventions. Also Saturday, Cruz picked up a delegate from the territory of Guam.

National Review conservatives gave up on Rubio and endorsed Ted Cruz for President because he is looking more and more like the candidate who can possibly defeat Trump.

There is a growing movement of conservatives who want to stop Donald Trump from winning the Republican presidential nomination, however, with three candidates still in the race, the vote is split.

After Tuesday, if Cruz holds up and Trump doesn’t win the necessary delegates, the GOP endorsements will swing in favor of Ted Cruz because Rubio is on a downward spiral and the adult postman’s son can barely hold his own state.

In order for Republicans to stop Trump as many hope to do, they have to stop him on Tuesday.

This is how delegates stand now:



Ohio has 66 delegates going to the candidate who gets the most votes. Currently, John Kasich is narrowly beating Trump in some polls but tied at 33% in the latest CBS News poll.

Rubio has told his supporters to vote for Kasich in Ohio to deprive Trump of the 66 delegates.

Vote Kasich in Ohio.


Florida, the biggest prize, has 99 delegates and Trump maintains a 2 to 1 lead, 44% to 22% over Marco Rubio. Cruz is running neck-and-neck with Rubio in Rubio’s home state.

Florida voters who want to stop Trump need to ignore Kasich and vote for Cruz or Rubio, with Rubio being the best choice to defeat Trump.

Vote Rubio in Florida.


Missouri is also in the mix on Tuesday. They have 52 delegates. If a candidate wins the majority, they get all 52 but that is probably not going to happen, which means 12 delegates go to the winner and the other 40 are split between the 8 congressional districts.

Kasich and Rubio fans should vote for Cruz to stop Trump. Cruz has the best chance to win.

Vote Cruz in Missouri.


Illinois, also up on Tuesday, has 69 delegates. The candidate with the most votes picks up 15 and the other 54 get divvied up according to the districts. Cruz has the best shot in Illinois.

Vote Cruz in Illinois.


North Carolina has 72 delegates given out proportionally. People can vote for Rubio, Kasich or Cruz to defeat Trump.

Vote anyone but Trump in North Carolina.