Statues Under Fire for Mansplaining


If you haven’t heard of mansplaining, listen up. According to the pseudo-intellectual feminists, it’s the intolerable practice of a man feeling compelled to explain something to a woman, often in a condescending tone. Even if the woman is making a completely ridiculous statement, a man must not explain. Even statues can be guilty of the offense!

For many, the term is used in joking manner, but for feminists, it’s an egregious offense.

It’s enough to make some women feel punched in the face almost daily.

A statue became the subject of a joke between two friends when one shared it saying it depicted mansplaining but some on social media took it very seriously.

The statue called “Classmates” honors the past, present and future students of UIW (University of the Incarnate Word). The sculptor said it’s a statue of his daughter and was originally called “Friends”.

There’s even more than one of these mansplaining statues!

Charles Payne mansplains on Outnumbered.

Don’t lose heart. Wonder Woman is on it, suggesting we punch men in the face if they explain anything to us women.

There is also the crime – that’s right, CRIME – of manspreading.


In the UK, the bobbies arrested two men for manspreading, which is spreading out too much in a seat such as on a subway.

While no one has been arrested for manslamming, it is a man crime cited by the observant women of the left.

The term was introduced by New York Magazine’s Jessica Roy to describe a common scenario in which men don’t change their trajectory when running into women on crowded streets.

She conducted experiments and found there were many collisions with men.

National Review online conducted their own experiments.