Stock Market’s Massive Swings Continue, So Do Socialist Economic Policies


It’s getting scary out there. The U.S. stock markets are off more than 2.8% at the close of Tuesday’s session as China’s problems travel West.

It is the worst September start for the stock market in 13 years. The Dow is down 470 points.

Weak manufacturing data from China sparked a fresh worldwide sell-off. Last week’s resurgence came to a complete end.

Market Watch reported “Death cross” patterns continue to spread through the stock market like an epidemic, even infecting market segments believed to be more insulated from overseas turmoil.

Reeling from falling oil prices, Canada is officially in recession, its second in seven years.

August was the worst month since 2010.

The stock market is really the only part of the American economy that has been doing well but that is in no small part due to quantitative easing and zero interest rates, et al. The Big Government has nothing left in their bag of tricks .

The fact that the U.S. economy is weak puts us in danger of recession. The Socialist liberal policies are helping to destroy our economy.

Paul Vigna of the Wall Street Journal said Monday that the fundamentals are bad. There has been no profit growth, no sales growth, virtually no GDP growth, we have stagnant wages, low consumer spending, and no reason to believe the market should be at all time highs.

One example can be seen in the oppressive environmental regulations that are seriously hurting farming in California.

One California farmer said the regulations and lack of water are destroying farms in California.

Liberal policies allowing rain water to flow out to the ocean to benefit useless creatures like the smelt are depriving them of much-needed water.