STOLEN VALOR! Faithless GOP Elector Chris Suprun Was NOT a 9/11 First Responder!!!


Chris Suprun claims to have been a fire department paramedic who was among the first responders on 9/11 and he also has a non-profit 9/ll foundation. He is a leading GOP elector from Texas who will not vote for Donald Trump. The only problem is he’s a liar and is not who he said he is.

WFAAF is reporting that there is no record of him being present on 9/11. He is a medic but he was hired on October 10, 2001 and his unit never responded to the Pentagon.

Stolen Valor!!!

With regard to Trump, he said he has to vote his conscience — what conscience?

About his charity, all we can find on it is memes that he tweets and his website page with a donation page. He did claim to have taken a child with cancer to a baseball game. It also makes vague claims about scholarships and coaching. This needs investigation.

Suprun also lied about working for two other fire companies – Air Medics and Freedom EMS [it doesn’t even exist]. The uniform he wears is likely a 12-year old uniform from Manassas Park.

He’s just getting out of bankruptcy this month after five years and he collected unemployment during his bankruptcy while his resumé said he was working.

This is the man who is questioning Donald Trump’s credibility??? He sounds like a pathological liar and could have a personality disorder.

Suprun, who is tied to Van Jones and Obama through the PR firm he is using, also has a sordid history.  Just click the link. He’s a sick dude if all this is true.

Who vetted this guy? The answer is NO ONE! However, they should be able to recall him given the lies he has told. Talk about complete misrepresentation!


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