Student Violates University “Safe Spaces” by Raising Her Hand


Imo Wilson

A student at the University of Edinburgh was accused of violating “safe spaces” for raising her hand to protest comments being made.

Imogen Wilson, 22, a music student and vice-president of academic affairs at the Edinburgh University Students’ Association (EUSA), was one of hundreds of students to have attended a student council meeting to debate Boycotts, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS), The Independent reported.

A vote was taken about whether she should be removed and she was allowed to stay after an 18 – 33 vote against removing her. There were 18 fools.

After the debate, the BDS motion was passed with 249 votes for and 153 against.

BDS is a terrorist-initiated campaign to boycott Israeli products.

Ms Wilson described on Facebook how her arguments against BDS were mostly about “the growing anti-Semitism” on UK campuses and about “the costs of doing a review of our products when EUSA is already expecting a deficit budget.”

“My main concern, as a representative, is about the marginalisation of Jewish and Israeli students on campus, which is becoming a massive issue in lots of places around the UK.

Why are there no “safe spaces” for the Jewish students and for Israel?

There is a movement afoot to restore free speech on the campus.