Suffolk County Sheriffs Won’t Jail Most Criminal Aliens


Suffolk County Sheriffs – in response to left-wing advocates and court cases in Oregon and Pennsylvania – will no longer hold criminal aliens on an “ICE detainer” as part of the “Secure Communities” program. ICE will have to come up with a warrant from a judge. Even if ICE gets the warrant, the aliens might be long gone if not detained. This will not apply to violent offenders.

The federal court cases in Oregon and Pennsylvania determined that it violates illegal aliens’ constitutional rights to hold them without probable cause.

The left-wing is changing our culture and the way we think about illegal immigration. They want us to believe that anyone who comes here illegally has all the constitutional rights of a citizen. This is a significant change in the way we view these types of cases. If criminals here illegally are set free in the process so the left can win on this point, so be it. It’s about their ideology.

We give constitutional rights to terrorists too, a change made under this administration.

We give constitutional rights to terrorists also

The left-wing is giving illegal aliens – even criminal ones -the rights of citizens.

Secure Communities is an information-sharing partnership between ICE and the FBI to identify “criminal aliens” through fingerprint checks. When a criminal alien is arrested, they are flagged for potential deportation prompting ICE to ask local jails to detain the person for agents. That has been stopped in Suffolk and to a much lesser degree in Nassau.

Suffolk and Nassau counties led the state in deportations, but that will change dramatically. Nassau, however, will still accept administrative warrants.

The Secure Communities program is being called controversial when in fact, it is controversial to let criminal aliens go into our communities. As I said, the far-left is changing the way we view things.

The crimes aliens are detained foe can range from immigration violations to felonies but not murder or violent crimes. Serious crimes like murder will result in flagged criminals going upstate in most cases.

It’s unclear what “serious crimes” means. Will thieves, drunk drivers, drug dealers be set free?

Some crimes are for fake driver’s licenses and fraudulent social security cards which activists say are minor offenses. The latter can be labeled a felony in many cases, however.

The Secure Communities Program is primarily aimed at hardened criminals and gang members but it has also helped slow the intense illegal immigration problem in the county.

The groups behind this say it is about the constitution when it’s really about promoting open borders and ending deportations.

The groups include Make the Road New York, the New York Civil Liberties Union, and the Long Island Civic Engagement Table, among others.

The activists say it violates our American values. Does it violate our values to release illegal aliens arrested for crimes into our communities?

The left says the “separation of families” issue is unacceptable.

We can’t get a number on how many were released though we do know that on Friday alone, 114 were flagged.

Suffolk County Sheriff Vincent De Marco decided it was a good practice to partially withdraw from the Secure Communities program after attorneys reviewed the two federal cases.

MS-13, an illegal alien gang, has a strong presence here on Long Island. A pregnant woman who was recently murdered in Bay Shore appears to have been executed by MS-13. Our southern border is overrun and this week, we discovered in congressional hearings that 4 terrorists were captured trying to come over our borders. How many aren’t caught?

Is this the time to go lax on illegal immigration? The new policy will encourage more illegal immigration into the county

Source: Newsday