Super Committee Fails & Obama Vows to Cut Defense

Obama's Plan - Spend More Money

President Obama is running on the OWS 99% ticket. Hey, why not, he has nothing else.

Where is President Obama’s proposal to the Super Committee? I mean other than tax the rich, as if they had enough money to deal with this issue.

The government doesn’t want to do anything about spending and they won’t change their wasteful ways.

The Republicans and Democrats are pointing fingers, but where was Obama?

Meanwhile, Obama plans to move ahead with the dangerous defense cuts that will put our nation in danger. I hope he’s not serious about that.

Three cheers for Joe Lieberman who said, “Now is the time for a bipartisan rebellion of members of Congress to come together.” He called for a year-end vote on any one of the those proposals. “Show that elected officials in Washington are capable of protecting the economic future of the American people.

Latest polls show that 44% of Americans blame Republicans, though they are the only ones who had a plan and 38% blame Democrats & Obama.