Taliban Email a Video of Bowe Bergdahl’s Release



Bowe Bergdahl, about to be released.

The Taliban released a video of Bowe Bergdahl being handed over to the Americans.

The narration on the video says the transfer took place in Khost province, in eastern Afghanistan.

“We had a number of tribal elders with us … in order to build trust between us and the other side,” a voice in the video says.

“We told them that we had warned all our Mujahideen fighters in Khost province and especially in Batai area not to attack them.”

It shows the men shaking hands with the men who were in the Black Hawk.

Taliban vidoe screenshot

Video screenshot of Bergdahl

A still from the video showing Bowe Bergdahl's release.

The title of the video gives us a glimpse into the reason for the release of the video

A still from the video showing Bowe Bergdahl's release.

A still from the video

It is unknown as to why the video was sent to various news organizations, according to the media outlets posting this video, though it began with a clear message – Don’ come back. The video was emailed to media outlets Wednesday.

Here are two clips from the 17-minute tape via Sky News and the Telegraph respectively:

The reporters claim Bergdahl looks gaunt. The White House says he has nutritional needs and some dietary concerns connected to his five-years in captivity. There are concerns about his mental health. He looks robotic.

The Sentinel hopes he will be tried. convicted, and imprisoned if it is found that he deserted and collaborated with the enemy. Six men, possibly as many as fourteen died searching for him and many others were wounded. He abandoned his post and his fellow soldiers during war time.