Teen Arrested on Terrorism Charges Gets a Taxpayer-Funded Reward


Abdullah Yusuf

An 18 year old teen, who was attempting to provide material aid and support on behalf of ISIS, was arrested by the FBI on his way to fight for ISIS. Instead of sending him to prison, he has been rewarded.

Abdullah Yussuf is currently in a halfway house and is being trained to become a teen mentor and basketball coach. He is going to be role modeling for and mentoring young people.

I didn’t know ISIS was forming a basketball team (irony here).

Taxpayers get to pay for it.

Yusuf has been programmed by radical Islamists and has not been deprogrammed.


He was apprehended in November of last year at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport on his way to Syria via Turkey. Another man, 20-year old Abdi Nur was charged in abstentia and is believed to be fighting with ISIS. Both men were in communication with an ISIS jihadist fighting in Syria.

Yusuf was arraigned on November 25th.

At the time, his parents claimed they knew nothing about it and said they can’t understand the terrorism charges.

“This young man is far from being a threat to anyone,” his attorney said.

The community leaders in Minneapolis, where so many Somali immigrants are being recruited, said the FBI shouldn’t be running after “little 18-year old kids” who are “confused and brainwashed,” they should go after the “puppet masters” (who happen to be ISIS in this case and who are in Syria and other countries).

Someone needs to tell the community leaders that 18 year olds are adults.

US Attorney Andy Luger proposed job training and after school programs for would be terrorists like Yusuf.

Yusuf’s cohort is fighting with terrorists and he was in communication with a terrorist.

We feel sorry for wannabe terrorists in this present day culture and we will pay a steep price for this illogical approach to criminality and terrorism.

This is not a consideration ordinary citizens would get and it is being done at taxpayer expense.