Terrifying Common Core Math Lesson


Watch this terrifying Common Core Math lesson. [For the Facebook censors, please note that we are being facetious and aren’t really terrified, but we do think some children might be].


  1. i’m not a fan of ‘common core’ in general, but it’s math curriculum is extraordinary. i say this as a child of the fifties’ who, like most of us, had been ‘homeschooled’ till the age of 5 and then sent off to kindergarten. i knew my colors, the alphabet, i could spell all the words in my “golden book” library, and i was well aware that one apple taken from my cache of four would leave me only three; what i did not know was how to ‘solve for x’. abstract math was absent from public school ed. students until the 9th grade, where i struggled to eke out a c- in algebra.
    at first blush the common core solution in the video seems convoluted and labor intensive. it could also be criticized for converting a subtractive problem to one of addition but… each one of those five seemingly superfluous lines could be represented as algebraic formula, to wit: (13 + x ) = 15. common core introduces mathematical critical thinking at the kindergarten level; a skill, by all accounts, useful down the road. as far as changing subtractive to additive i’d say this; remember wondering why we were taught that multiple numbers could be ‘added’, this plus that plus another and yet another, but the ‘subtraction’ problems could only contain two amounts? common core addresses that…b

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