The Carbon-Free Hoax


Check out the advertisement on the package of sugar in the photo which lauds the fact that it is carbon-free. Carbon of course is one of the natural elements in sugar and sugar can’t be carbon-free.

The company probably made the sugar in a way that did not produce industrial emissions and they think that is the same as being carbon-free. Who knows what they know scientifically, the ad sounds comforting to the average environmentally-conscious consumer.

The science is bad however.

Unfortunately, this is the kind of thing that furthers the carbon hoax. It indoctrinates people into thinking that carbon-free is good and carbon is bad, even though we need it to exist.

It’s faux science at its worst.

The snake oil salesmen are out and about because of it.

Do you people, who are 18.5% carbon and exhale a lot of CO2, want to go on a carbon-free vacation? Well, we have one for you.

Read the article from climate realists for more information.