The Country Is Going To Pot


For years, three Northern California counties, known as The Emerald Triangle, have thrived on the marijuana trade where it is grown freely. Drug raids and “legal” medical marijuana clinics have intruded on their business, leaving many shops and businesses shuttered.

Is it any wonder California is going to pot and dragging the rest of the country down with them as they borrow 40 million a day from the Federal government, in other words, from US?

The Emerald Triangle

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Sara Noble

Sara Noble

Sara Noble, B.A. English Literature, St. John's University; M.S. Education, M.A. Administration, Hofstra University. World traveler. Worked with children as a teacher and school administrator for three decades. Published in educational journals, children's mystery magazines, and was an editor at This Week Magazine. I am devoted to an America that promotes free enterprise and ingenuity, values the Constitution as intended, and does not encourage a nanny state under the casuistic banner of "the common good".