The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood “Moderates” Want to Cut Ties With Israel


Update: 3/14: The WSJ reported today that a rift has been averted and a truce is being negotiated.

Original Story: 3/13: Egypt’s moderate Muslim Brotherhood, whom we helped rise to power, is demanding that ties with Israel be cut over Gaza. I guess they want missiles to be lobbed into Israel unimpeded.

…Egypt’s parliament called on the government Monday to cut diplomatic ties with Israel, following what it called Israel’s “barbaric” attacks on the Gaza Strip, independent daily Al-Masry Al-Youm reported.

The People’s Assembly, Egypt’s lower house, drafted a list of demands endorsed unanimously, calling for the deportation of the Israeli ambassador in Egypt, halting export of natural gas to Israel, and “reexamining” the Camp David peace accords with Israel.

“Revolutionary Egypt will never be a friend or ally of the Zionist regime which we consider the primary enemy of Egypt and its Arab people,” read the unusually strong-worded statement. “[Egypt] will treat this entity as an enemy. The government is urged to reexamine its relations and agreements with this enemy.” …Read more: Times of Israel