The Happy Holidays Drone We Gave Iran Just Wanted to Live


As I reported two days ago, I believe the U.S. drone, now in the hands of Iranians, probably ended up in Iran as the result of someone jamming the signals and taking control of it. Read here: That thing didn’t suddenly decide to vacation in Iran

There are the usual ever-changing stories. Originally, Iranian officials said the drone was shut down, while the U.S. said it malfunctioned on its own. The last story from the U.S. was that the drone glided down “because it wants to live,” (see the video below). It wants to live??? I seriously don’t think it has a “live wish,” and I doubt it wants to live as an Iranian captive.

I think the thing was brought down by some Chinese tech in a security facility who jammed the signals to the drone. The Iranian video on my original story showed it gliding down and it appears to be in rather fine condition.

There were three plans presented by the Pentagon to keep this invaluable technology out of Iranian, Chinese and Russian hands. Obama chose to do none of the three because he did not want to be perceived as waging an act of war. Obama would not retrieve the drone, or blow it up despite the Pentagon pleading with him to do so. Now our enemies have a top secret U.S. RQ 170 Sentinel Drone. Would it not have been better to sacrifice another drone to blow the thing up so it didn’t fall into the wrong hands???