The Last Tycoon


Currently, Rupert Murdoch is embroiled in a British scandal. Several of the employees for the now defunct News of the World allegedly hacked into the phone of a missing teen who was later found murdered. Murdoch has apologized privately and publicly. In the United States, Murdoch’s corporation includes Fox News, the Wall St. Journal and Dow Jones. Since there is a War on Fox lead by the far left and the President, this scandal could have serious repercussions in the United States and for Fox, the only right-leaning TV outlet. The media will attack Fox in a way that will diminish any supposed crime.

A 9/11 investigator and former police officer said he was offered money for information on 9/11 victims here in the United States by someone in his corporation. Rep. King said that, if true, felony charges could be lodged.

I have no idea why a newspaper cannot hire a private investigator. Read here: Murdoch scandal might hit the U.S.