The USA Titanic is Sinking & the Obamas Are Living Large


Naked D.C. had a piece I just have to share so click here for a bit of irony. It provides an entertaining look at the Obama’s lavish living in Hawaii while the rest of us are breaking into malls looking for bargain-priced Air Jordans or pepper spraying customers who try to buy the well-priced X-Boxes we want.

The Naked D.C. article speaks to how overtly out-of-touch the Obamas are with our dire financial straits. They vacation decadently while the USA Titanic is sinking. The Obamas are showy 1%ers, but we hear nothing about this from the Occupiers.

While the Obamas luxuriate in Hawaii, we, the proletariat, can’t find jobs and we sure aren’t buying $2000 sundresses like Michelle Antoinette.

I know the job numbers are supposedly better, but we all know they really aren’t. When you include discouraged and underemployed workers, the rate is actually 15.6%

The economy seems to be crawling into a slight recovery and the media is elated by it. Are they stupid or what?

The sales are good, but what the media doesn’t tell you is that the retailers are selling things at prices so low, they are making little or no profit.

Obama wants to borrow another $1.2 trillion. When are we going to stop him? I know the Nobel Prize winning genius, Dr. Paul Krugman, thinks we need to spend more, but he’s a misguided numbskull of a Socialist.

Right now, we borrow 36 cents on every dollar and have no ability to even cut the rate of growth because our Congress is fractured. Two-thirds of our spending goes to paying off debt. Our GDP is at 100%. Can you say, “Greece?”

The media doesn’t care. They are supposed to vet this stuff and all they do is look for ways to corrupt the truth and force-feed it to us so Obama gets re-elected. Apparently that is all that matters.

I haven’t even talked about Obamacare. It’s Obaminable. It’s Medicaid for all and we know how well that works. Forget choosing your doctor, the government does that under Obamacare. Forget making your own healthcare decisions because the government does that too. Under Obamacare, doctors’ salaries should match that of a waiter in NYC but of course doctors have to declare their income so they really won’t make as much money – that should attract the best and brightest to the profession.

Regardless of what you hear in the news, the news stinks.

If the Naked D.C. link doesn’t work, here’s the fun diatribe –

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you’re having a lovely vacation. Because I’m not actually on vacation. Unless you consider drinking coconut coffee from the Keurig while I work in my office a vacation. Because I don’t. At any rate, I saved the US taxpayers nearly $4 million by not being First Lady and flying off for a 17-day vacation in Hawaii on the taxpayers dime. You can thank me later.

Michelle Obama, noted supporter of the 99% and champion of the poor, on the other hand, is reportedly draining taxpayer funds to finance a massive year-end festival of relaxation on the sunny shores of Oahu while the rest of us slave away so that we aren’t unemployed come her husband’s fourth year as President.

And don’t think she’s dressing like a regular tourist while she’s there, either, you peons. As she accompanied Barack and family to church services on the Kaneohe Bay Marine Base on Sunday, Michelle sported a Resort Collection Sophie Theallet sundress (see photo above), which, at the time it was purchased in late 2009, cost between $1K and $2K. Similar dresses from the Resort 2012 collection sell for that much and more.

But fear not, oh children of the proletariat. Should you like to dress like the First Lady, but fear having to go on food stamps after wasting your entire unemployment check on a sundress, you can rent a Sophie Theallet dress from internet retailer Rent the Runway (you have to give it back), for around $125.

You might, however, be able to cash in your monthly allotment for her bargain basement skirt.

In this ubiquitous politician-phot0-with-a-baby-on-Christmas (ever more important considering that Barack can magically speak to babies), Michelle Obama is sporting a Comme des Garcons, 3/4 length printed skirt with a bag waist. This skirt is typical for CdG, and can retail anywhere for up to $1K, with similar items for sale at Sense – an internet designer outlet – for $450 (down from a peak of $950). Or, if you’re like me and can occasionally shop in the kids department because you were born without any shape whatsoever, you can snag a similar skirt from Comme des Garcons kids collection for $495 new. Unfortunately, since the skirts are limited edition and only available to busy and important people, you’ll have to pre-order yours for delivery in March.

It will however, look better on someone who isn’t drawing the waist of the skirt up to the bottom of their boobs. And frugal fashionistas can obviously thank Al Gore for saving us from global warming, thus allowing them to wear their extravagant purchase year round.

And, come to think of it, is making this “vacation” sort of like Hawaii.

Sort of.