The Whole Truth About Obamcare From American Docs 4 Truth


There is a new site called American Docs 4 Truth. They are real doctors who are very concerned about the effects Obamacare will have on seniors. Obamacare has already taken half a trillion out of the program and the worst of it is the death panels in the form of IPAB (Independent Payment Advisory Board).

IPAB is a board to be appointed by the President and it will have no congressional oversight or controls. Their sole purpose will be to keep the costs within the parameter arbitrarily set by bureaucrats who have no connection to the patients. That will force rationing and poor care for seniors.

According to their website, exists –

“…to reach every American with the message that reform of our health care system begins with repeal of this law, we are dedicated to focusing national attention on the true facts surrounding PPACA. We have a template for reform which promotes patient centered, physician guided, free market driven solutions that foster true access for all, affordability, and patient choice.”