Yes Virginia, Grandma Will Have Fewer Christmases Than We Thought

Death Panels Do Exist

If you have questions as to whether or not there are death panels, please read this email I received from my friend Cecil. Believe it and be afraid.

This past week I was unfortunate enough to be rear ended while stopped for a red light. As a result of that accident my wife suffered neck pain. Fortunately, she is doing fine, will not need to see a doctor, however, we received a letter from our insurance company stating that she should put down all the particulars about her problem as a result of this accident. This is because she is a senior citizen, and this information had to be supplied to the government, and they (the government) would make the decision as to whether they, the insurance company could cover her on this claim. If this isn’t the beginning of the death panels under the Obama plan, I don’t know what is!