Things Are Getting Better – Look At Jefferson County!



Things are getting better! We are on the right path! I deserve another 4 years!

Obama and his cohorts at the NY Times and Channels 2, 4, and 7, are making this the approved talking point – tax and spend more!

I get so frustrated and upset when I see (hidden by the media) what is REALLY going on.

Jefferson County, Alabama has filed for chapter 9 bankruptcy. After they tried to get it thrown out, a judge ruled last week that the case could continue!

Who cares?

I never heard of Jefferson County!

But I do now!!!

This is the LARGEST municipal bankruptcy case in U.S. history!

This county includes the City of Birmingham!

please read this one SLOWLY.

The precipitating cause is the county BORROWED 3.2 BILLION dollars (that’s BILLION!) to finance a new sewer-system.

Holy S@#$! (really sorry for that one, but I just couldn’t resist) and it is now broke.

But didn’t Harry, Nancy, Barney and Barack tell me we would grow our way out of this “inherited” mess?

We must spend MORE!


A while ago, Meredith Whitney, the esteemed economist, was vilified, when she predicted on 60 Minutes a dire forecast for our municipalities because of their unfunded liabilities.

The White House and the mainstream media blasted her as “hysterical” and a fraud. Tax and spend was the answer.

What do you say now?