Most Repugnant Spending Bill Yet – Updated



The GOP and the Democrats are going to vote voted Friday for a $1.1 trillion dollar spending bill that no one had time to read, adds to our deficit, meets none of the conservatives’ demands, and props up Obamacare. The GOP do not have the votes to buck the Democrats but many want them to use the power of the purse and if the government is shut down, it’s Barack Obama doing it.

Planned Parenthood is funded, refugees from terror nations are funded, but GOP donors got a few things. It looks like Obama’s climate change will be funded also. Oh but we get to sell oil like the Arabs and Russians. They traded everything for this big oil deal and it will be used against them during the campaign.

Democrats are boasting of having rejected 150 GOP proposals.

The Gosar Amendment was knocked out which means Obama can move ahead with his robbing local governments of control over zoning. That’s the amendment that previously stopped Barack Obama’s social engineering of every neighborhood in this country via HUD.

Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino is heavily involved in fighting HUD on this and Rep. Gosar has been helping him by offering amendments to appropriations bills to defund it.

The Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing is not a bill but a HUD program to force targeted communities (like Westchester) to meet government mandated diversity quotas. It’s all based on spurious ‘disparate impact’ data so, for example, HUD makes a finding that Chappaqua or Scarsdale or Brookhaven or your town isn’t diverse enough and is too affluent so sues them to change their zoning regulations and force more low income housing into the community.

The spending bill increases monies for Section 8 housing. This administration has done a bang up job of increasing the need for free housing.

This will go on in every community in this country. Click the link below for more information.

The Democrats put out a document listing all they got out of this bill and anyone to the right of the socialists in office won’t like it.

The spending bill includes the GOP proposal to lift a four-decades-old ban on exporting U.S. crude oil. It also includes increases in domestic and defense spending. And it increases the federal deficit by hundreds of billions of dollars by extending numerous, popular tax credits without paying for them.

The GOP attempts to insert language into the bill to impose tougher controls on Syrian and Iraqi refugees were unsuccessful.

The final package also is expected to allow for the delay of three ObamaCare taxes — the medical device tax, the so-called “Cadillac tax” and health insurance tax — congressional sources told Fox News. That’s a real advantage for Obama. It props up Obamacare and hides the effects of its worst taxes.

Another benefit for Obama is the levy imposed on health insurers that typically is passed onto customers in the form of higher premiums. That will be suspended for a year.

Some tax breaks are continued.

The final package ignores conservative demands for language clamping down on Syrian refugees entering the U.S.

Instead, it contains changes tightening up the “visa waiver” program that allows visa-free travel to the U.S. for citizens of 38 countries, including France and Belgium, where many of last month’s Paris attackers were from.

The GOP can’t understand why the non-establishment candidates are in the lead – this is why.

The Establishment will be fine with Hillary winning if one of their establishment candidates can’t, because it will be business as usual.

The American people no longer have a say in their government. This is tyranny. Our government is run by a handful of self-serving elites in both parties.

Rush Limbaugh voiced his disapproval.

“Who runs this place? Who has the majority of seats in this place? Ditto over in the Senate. What is this? Why does the clock always run out on an end-the-of-the-year budget deal when everybody knows months in advance the end of the year budget deal is coming up? How in the world does any of this happen? Maybe that’s a rhetorical question because this is what the Republicans wanted the end result to be.

The proof of that is the excuses they’re offering. They don’t have the temerity to say, ‘Hey we love this. This is what we want. This is great for the country.

We have bipartisan agreement here.’ I mean, why aren’t they doing that? So if you look carefully, they’re doing exactly what they claim they have to do in order to win the presidency.

You couple this with everything else we know – such as Jeb Bush starting out his primary campaign by saying he intended to win the nomination without the base – it was going to be a marvel of American politics – first ever candidate to win his party’s nomination without the support of his party’s base.

They don’t want it. Perfectly clear what is happening here. And of course when they’re called on it, naturally those of us who criticize it are going to be pointed to as the problem.

Why is the only Republican in all of Congress who is complaining about this Sen. Jeff Sessions? Well, yeah – Cruz is, Rubio did somewhat. Jeff Sessions is really the only guy standing up and complaining about it, warning before it happened, trying to alert people what’s on the verge of happening. Is Sessions the only conservative left in Congress? What happened to all those that were elected in 2010, 2014? I mean they’re there but clearly the leadership is running the show here.”


Read about the Gosar Amendment below.

HUD Is About to Social Engineer Every Neighborhood in the US But It Can Be Stopped


  1. Where was pinocchio’s brain when the housing bust in the 80’s destroyed Fha & Va lenders. I was. a licensed Realtor at that time and 9 out of 10 finance companies bit the dust. Condos & homes were being valued at 45-50% below the amount of the loans made to make the purchases. The financial meltdown occurred because people who couldn’t afford to pay low rent were being sold homes that went into foreclosure. The government, as usual, screwed everything up; they wanted diversity. Here we go again. Worse now because of the high unemployment rate. Forget housing diversification, it won’t work.

  2. This congress and administration should be arrested for high crimes and treason. Fraud, criminal embezzlement, malfeasance, coercion, racketeering, bribery, seditious conspiracy, treason. Enough already. Our founding fathers would have already arrested and defunded this lying cheating mess. It can no longer be tolerated. These guys belong in prison. We don’t need DC. All we need is a military to protect our borders. The rest of DC is unnecessary. Let the states and the people handle their own business as our founding fathers intended.

    It is over. Defund Washington DC. Our money is being illegally spent.

  3. I think the biggest threat to any person running for office is to be affiliated with either party. They both no longer work for this nation. Washington DC no longer represents the United States of America and our constitution period. About 80% of these people don’t belong on any govt payroll. The federal govt should have never gotten this big and they don’t belong in education, healthcare or welfare or in the bedroom (marriage). It is up to we the people and our states.

    This is the most dishonest corrupt vile disgusting group of leaders in our nations history. They don’t honor or respect our nation any longer. They are siding with enemies of our nation. An act of high treason against our nations laws and constitution and sovereignty. These leaders are so full of themselves and make believe power that they have all lost their freaking minds.

    It is illegal and unconstitutional -Dear Americans ask yourself what would our founding fathers do?

    The federal govt today no longer represent our constitution. Limited powers. It is time to abolish this illegal foreign unconstitutional terrorist syndicate in DC. And give UN 24 hours to get the hell out. It is over. DC is an illegal nation operating in our country illegally and stealing our treasury. All federal agencies are now illegal. They are going against this nation and state sovereignty. Our founders gave us authority. Time to arrest traitors and shut it down. Our founding fathers would have.

    I think it is time to end both parties and start over. Neither have any redeeming values. They no longer represent we the people. The GOP is a joke and the demoncrats are a morphed out perverted communist radical foreign organized crime syndicate operating in our nation illegally and funding their criminal activities with our treasury. Defund it all per our Declaration of Independence. All we need is an American military to secure and protect our borders.

    What we are not hearing from any candidate is that the federal govt has over reached all authority and common sense and are illegally involved in all areas of our personal liberty. God gives us freedom, not the govt. This nation was founded upon liberty, not federal regulations period. The federal govt as it stands today is illegal, nothing but a foreign organized crime syndicate. This leadership and congress are liable for their illegal activities not we the people including the illegal funding of the UN, foreign radical nation building and illegal borrowing of funds from communist nations. This is the most vile corrupt leadership in this nation’s history.

    I suggest we not only vote but demand any one running for office promise to uphold this nation’s founding principles and constitution and promote limited federal govt. We need to elect only a leader who will abolish all these illegal agencies and cut the federal govt by 80%. It is time to defund Washington DC and this illegal unconstitutional radical foreign regime now operating in Washington DC. The federal govt job is only national security and protecting our nation’s sovereignty. And it is the military’s job to protect our nation not DHS. The rest of the powers belong to the states and subject to the will of we the people period. It is time to abolish and defund DC. It is over!

  4. This administration is not on our nations side or our laws. This is treason against our sovereignty by this imposter.

    The majority of leaders in DC belong in prison for high crimes and treason and criminal embezzlement and murder. Why are we funding this criminal enterprise? DC doesn’t work for us any longer. This is worst than any movie script someone could write.

    -illegal executive orders
    -funding terrorist We really don’t know who got the $500 million
    -releasing terrorists during a time of war and funding those enemies of our nation
    -protecting terrorist organizations like CAIR, LARAZA, the MB. They shouldn’t even be walking our streets
    -the funding of illegal invaders over American citizens
    -illegal takeover of our nation by Obama the imposter and the Muslim brotherhood
    -treason against our sovereignty
    -illegal involvement of the UN in our nation
    -illegal immigration
    -social security fraud
    -welfare and food stamp fraud
    -illegal obamacare
    -illegal invasion of our privacy via education, healthcare, marriage
    -Inciting criminal behavior against sworn police officers via race baiting
    -patriot act violations by Obama, Hillary and Kerry and their staffs
    -VA fraud
    -IRS fraud
    -Michelle Obama’s illegal vacations. Where did she get the $50+ million dollars of our money
    -how are the Obama’s getting access to our treasury
    -illegal funding of foreign Muslim projects. (Islam is our enemy)
    -illegal funding of the attempt to overthrow egypt and Syria which caused this mess (patriot act money laundering)
    -fast and furious
    -Benghazi murders, what were they doing there really?
    -illegal bailouts
    -Solyandra fraud and embezzlement
    And the list goes on

    We need to remove these traitors and terrorist against our nation now or there will be nothing left.

    We can no longer allow this illegal unconstitutional radical foreign regime to operate in our nation.

    We can no longer fund DC. All we need is an American only military to protect our borders and the states can set up programs to fund them. The rest of DC is no longer necessary. Let’s start over per our Declaration of Independence. With a new American vetted president and a much leaner federal govt.

    10% tax flat tax from base wages and no more. 7% to the states and 3% for federal minor govt. and no more ever. If you don’t have it you don’t spend it. Let the people fix it themselves the way this country started out. The federal govt belongs in nothing except national security. Govt was never meant to be a lifelong career. No more.

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