Throwing Medicare Patients Off The Cliff

Cutting Medicare Payments Will Push Granny Off The Cliff

Stop the Medicare Meltdown is a nationwide movement to save Medicare, made much worse by the Obamacare bill. Doctors payments are already extremely low and the plan is to cut them more each year.

The Texas Medical Association has been a strong advocate of seniors, the disabled and military patients. They have been outspoken critics of the new Healthcare bill (Obamacare) because in all its 2000+ pages, there is no fix for the Medicare funding problem. In addition, the new law mandates cuts in Medicare Doctor’s payments every year. These cuts have been delayed for one year as the Congress kicks the can down the road yet again. Read here: Cuts to Medicare payments every year under Obamacare

Congress delayed the mandated cuts to Medicare as it passed legislation blocking the 25-percent reduction in payments that were scheduled to take effect Jan. 1. For the past ten years, lawmakers have been repeatedly refusing to deal with the problem and merely postpone the enormous planned cuts. Obamacare will eventually prohibit the Congress from even delaying it.

Share the video below to help people understand the problems with the sustainable growth rate (SGR) formula.

Doctors paying their patients to come for a doctor's visit

Doctors make almost nothing now on medicare and can hope to lose money over the next several years under Obamacare. It is simply not doable. and sign the petition.