Thuggish UFCW Has Targets In Their Sights

UFCW Participating In the Communist-Union "We Are One" Rally


The NY Times has been touting the overwhelming desire of non-unionized Target employees to join the United Food and Commercial Workers union. The NY Times is wrong again and that does not appear to be the case.

A Valley Stream Target voted down the proposal to unionize by 137 to 85. The union is screaming wrongdoing and inventing a scenario of voter intimidation. The UFCW claims they want to raise the standards of the employees who are paid well with good benefits.

Derek Jenkins, Target’s senior VP for the NE said in a press release, “At Target, it has always been our goal to have a culture where our team members don’t want or need union representation. We believe in solving issues and concerns by working together with the help and input of all team members. Our team has embraced that philosophy by rejecting union representation.”

The same store is closing for six months so it can be extensively remodeled, a project that has been in the works for a year-and-a-half, which predates the union campaigns. The entire interior will be redone, the stock room will be converted into two-stories instead of three and the front will be expanded. It is part of a company program to give 110 stores a facelift.

The union is insisting that it is being done to intimidate employees. The NLRB, Obama’s pro-union thugs who are supposed to be independent, will now investigate.

The UFCW is a thuggish union that bullies and intimidates companies, greedily demanding more than what a company can pay regardless of how bad the economy is. They organize frequent strikes throughout the country. The following is a video of one such strike threat.

Joe Hansen, the president of the United Food & Commercial Workers—the same union that has been sued for its corporate campaign tactics of defamation, strong-arm tactics and extortion—is encouraging his members to participate in Barack Obama’s “Truth Team,” which is modeled after the much-ridiculed Obama Attack Watch. Read more: Labor Union Report

This union has campaigned for card check, which bans the secret ballot, a most un-American activity.

The union is a thugocracy. Three of their leaders were recently arrested for money laundering, racketeering, and witness tampering. According to the courthouse news service, the three conspired to extort, and did extort, and laundered the extortion money, embezzled from pension and welfare benefit funds and tampered with witnesses. Read more: Labor Union Report

One person I know was a checkout girl in a supermarket which was part of this union. She made more than I did as a Principal. She had no education and no skills. Eventually, the supermarket did away with all full-time checkout girls and now they are all part-time making minimum wage but still giving their dues to this union. It was a win-win for the labor bosses. They have their union and they have their dues no matter what the employees make. The union continually makes this particular supermarket chain worse and less productive as they are forced to close stores and cut back on employees.

Target and their employees have every right to not want any part of this union and, last I heard, a private company has the right to close a store to renovate, but maybe not in Obama’s regime.



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