Thursday, A Nuke Deal, Friday, Iran Calls Obama A Liar


Javad Zarif

Javad Zarif, Iran’s Foreign Minister, pictured above, had a few words to say about the U.S. statements claiming sanctions will be removed gradually.

He basically called the U.S. administration – Barack Obama and John Kerry – out as liars so we decided to investigate.

On Thursday, the Swiss gal who made the announcement about the EU sanctions and said much the same thing as Zarif.

This is what John Kerry said on Thursday.

The screenshot below is from the State Department’s fact sheet.

If you will notice, it is the “architecture” of the sanctions that will remain in place even though we all know they will never “snap” back once removed and “architecture” is probably useless.

Using the word “suspension” is misleading.

Words matter to this administration. They use them to obfuscate.

If there is a disagreement, the deal includes a resolution process which Iran could play around with for years like Saddam used to do.

We need more information, but Iran seems to be more accurate, either that or they are still playing us or both.

fact sheet_2

Friday morning, Fars news agency reported that Iranian President Rouhani said, “On the basis of this framework, all sanctions in financial, economic and banking sectors as well as all (UN Security Council) sanctions resolutions against Iran will be canceled on the very first day of the implementation of the deal, and new cooperation in both nuclear and other sectors will start with the world on the same day.”  He also said Iran will keep all its nuclear structure in tact and that their enrichment was for peaceful purposes.

I’d like to know how we can trust our administration if they can’t even tell the truth in the speech describing the agreement.